BEST All You Can Eat SHABU SHABU HOTPOT BUFFET in Tokyo! Wagyu and Sukiyaki

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 20, 2018
  • I came back to Tokyo after my trip from Kyoto, and I heard about this amazing All You Can Eat Shabu Shabu in Shibuya. So I had to go try it, and I'm glad I did because this is one of the best Shabu Shabu places I've ever been to. They give you good quality meats. My most favorite was the pork, you gotta try it!
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  • Plummet


     7 days ago

    Thats just bacon lol

  • Nata Side

    Nata Side

     7 days ago


  • Laura Risch

    Laura Risch

     7 days ago

    My way of dealing with pregnancy cravings: watch some strictly dumplings and pretend I'm eating it whilst eating my veggies - works fine for me 😂

  • Hakabanana


     14 days ago

    Wait did u just swear saying Shaba sha bi??? Hold up XD 还有我觉得你应该去海尔滨去吃点儿糖醋里脊,韭菜盒子,冷面,拔丝地瓜,and卤肘子XD love your content btw u made us chinese proud

  • Games ka guru

    Games ka guru

     14 days ago

    5:00 hiw is it free drink if the price increases from 5400 to 6500 ??

  • Virginia Reed

    Virginia Reed

     21 days ago

    One of your mouthfuls would totally fill me up. I love watching you eat and enjoy the food.

  • Zehao


     21 days ago

    I went to an all yo u an eat shabu shabu when i went to japan. Took a while to get across we wanted all you can eat coz they didn't understand all you can eat. But moment my mom brought up buffet the understood so try both lol. The beef was insanely good and my dad who doesn't eat meat ate 2 serving. Was 6.6k yen each person and looking at the price of normal order unless you can eat 4 orders its not worth it. 3 orders was still bit more expensive than just ordering them separately. Each order they gave us was large like an actual order portion and not like buffet smaller portion.

  • Dayla


     28 days ago

    The sukiyaki egg was meant to be eaten raw..but what evers.

  • Japphet Loide De Guzman

    Japphet Loide De Guzman

     a months ago

    I've been watching your hotpot videos (and other videos too). I haven't tried hotpot since I don't know how to mix and cook them and there's a newly opened one and maybe the only one in our city. I wanna try one day when I already know how to. Any tips? 😅

  • Kokak


     a months ago

    Shabu Shabu

    Yari toh kay Duterte.

  • Tyrell The Tyrant

    Tyrell The Tyrant

     a months ago

    I learned how to use chopsticks at a young age, having lived in 🇯🇵 when I was a baby/toddler...

    Lost contact with my Japanese in-laws when I was 7ish, when my Aunt and my Uncle (who is Japanese) split up.

    Yadda yadda yadda, wasn't able to learn a whole lot of culture being so young.

    I suffered a traumatic brain injury a few years ago, from a car accident and can't hold sticks worth a damn anymore, from the tremors...

    I knows there's proper behavior and etiquette when it comes to vacationing and living in Japan...

    Just wondering if it's rude to ask for a fork? Lol

  • Cho Kyuhyun

    Cho Kyuhyun

     a months ago +1

    He has the best job ever

  • Bryce Sigmon

    Bryce Sigmon

     a months ago

    A boston butt is a pork shoulder.

  • ÆŁ Crisis

    ÆŁ Crisis

     2 months ago

    “Little egg”

    Puts in the half

  • Aircoll


     2 months ago

    7:00 the waiters just like "oh he wants to see all the meat" and just cooperates with Mike. Thats awesome

  • x2penzx


     2 months ago

    Love the videos! always so cool to see where you are going. Fun little tidbit. THe top of the pork shoulder is called a picnic shoulder which has the bone, whereas the underside is known as the boston butt. hope that helps!

  • Nikku Itah

    Nikku Itah

     2 months ago +1

    But the most important question is: who called you a butt in Boston? 😂😂😂

  • VioletUnicorn 918

    VioletUnicorn 918

     2 months ago

    Dude what kind of Asian ARE you?! You of all people should know that you’re not suppose to eat potato with rice in one bite! Waaaaaaaay too much starch.


  • Nyt 121

    Nyt 121

     2 months ago

    I’m pretty sure shabu shabu means drugs in Tagalog

  • Sally Wong

    Sally Wong

     2 months ago

    The egg is usually scrambled into a bowl and used as a dip for your sukiyaki meat