Breaking The Unwritten Rules (part 5)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 18, 2019
  • Baseball has many Unwritten Rules! Don’t break them! #MLB #Sports #WesleyAPEX

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    *** i do Not own any rights to the video clips used. All rights belong to the Leagues. This is strictly a video made by a fan for fans! ***
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  • WesleyAPEX


     3 months ago +121

    Here’s my fishing channel give me a sub!

  • Jared Martin

    Jared Martin

     38 minutes ago

    3:08 These announcers are biased clowns

  • Jason Bolinger

    Jason Bolinger

     4 hours ago

    Lol, David Cone said "I'll give you a reason to mean mug, muffucker"

  • Kenadie Larson

    Kenadie Larson

     14 hours ago

    Why does the thumbnail look like Chris Pratt ?

  • El_Bartto


     15 hours ago

    So what are this stupid unwritten rules?

  • Jacob Axton

    Jacob Axton

     18 hours ago

    I just want to know what they said to Pujols. Takes a lot to get him that mad

  • spraypaintJT


     23 hours ago

    Baseball players are weak af. Clearing the benches with no punches thrown lmao!!!!

  • Caleb Ramey

    Caleb Ramey


    Thought that was Chris Pratt in the thumbnail

  • Martin Gardner

    Martin Gardner

     yesterday +1

    4:23 no unwritten rules broken here. It's 10-10, he's definitely trying to score, albeit he plays it badly. I just wish these videos were made by someone who understood baseball better.

  • Kaylee Anthony

    Kaylee Anthony


    Curve ball my ass. That ball went right at Pedro

  • t_biscuit



    Thumbnail looks like Chris pratt




    They always do when they HATE

  • Adam Ingram

    Adam Ingram

     2 days ago

    Speakers over the Dodgers are racist.



     2 days ago

    *Marisnick jogs to first without complaining*

    “And heeeeeeere come the bullpens!”


  • De'Drick Williams

    De'Drick Williams

     2 days ago +1


    White People: “oH nO yOu diiiNt.”

  • Nino Anthony

    Nino Anthony

     2 days ago

    You cant throw you shoulder into a dude...

  • Nino Anthony

    Nino Anthony

     2 days ago

    If u hit somebody with the ball it's always intentionally

  • Nino Anthony

    Nino Anthony

     2 days ago

    So he throws a pitch a Guerrero's head and they talking about he gotta get suspended for throwing the bat? Fuck a concussion huh?

  • Ben Fletcher

    Ben Fletcher

     2 days ago

    If I were a pitcher and accidentally hit someone with the ball, I wouldn’t just stand there like “Wot?”, I’d run up to the batter, make sure he’s okay and apologise for the fuck up

  • Ben Fletcher

    Ben Fletcher

     2 days ago +1

    3:49 that was some unexpected finesse from the catcher there 😂