[Eng Sub] อาตี๋ของผม | EP.6 [2/4]

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  • It is recommended to "mist" the gang leader, play the lottery. I have to go to school with my friend. Mist is a son "pig" Barber in the legend of pork barber. Barber shop that was once prosperous for the man. The school is all about the mouth of the Canal, the market is foggy. One day while the pig was cutting hair to "Tee", the school was pretty handsome. Yaowarat Chinatown I'm not sure if this is the case. I'm glad big numbers run away from home. Leave the tee sitting on the chair. The fog at home alone to the nemesis is a hairdresser needed to tee. With fog, pretend to cut the hair to tee. There is a problem at school. I'm not sure what to say. I'm not sure if this is the case. Misty must pretend to be a fan of the play to puzzles to call attention to Bambi back. But the bugs that come from Bambi like the mist. Leads to teasing tests with pornography. On the advice of the "Cymbals" four girls who are home to the restaurant ordered by the house. The hilarious party of the gang "Wu" and "early" friends of the mist. The "Pill" is the brother of the fog that "hug" the cheer and a pair of friends with me. To make the dream of a pillow come true. That is to help the father revive the legendary pig barber again to flourish again.

    Performed by
    Drake's son is playing the mist.
    Frank Thunart Sansang Thong plays the role.
    Phuwin Phuwit Tangsong standing pillow
    Neo Tricia Nitawat to hug
    Khun Tang Thanawat Ratanakit Paisan
    Aj Chyapon Jutamas is the beginning.
    Nun Prabhu is good to play Bambi.
    Cisse Apichaya Sae-chan plays the cynic.
    Nui Suk Pook
    I love to play the role of a doctor.
    Ezam Manan Wannawat to play the Libra.
    Amp Phuirikul Kris Chusakasakulwiboon plays small brother.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/R2FQHOPG_p8