GOT7 Jackson "Made It" M/V



  • widu ahgaphoenix

    widu ahgaphoenix

     11 months ago +2376


  • Usaamah


     10 months ago +1018

    Just noticed Jackson's MV got the most views from all of them!! He really showed that he's not only funny but is great rapper and artist. GOT7 Hwaiting!!!!

  • Banah hamdan

    Banah hamdan

     10 months ago +1216

    Jackson is a real rapper 👌I'm not lying 🙌🏻💙

  • Damn You Kim Taeho

    Damn You Kim Taeho

     10 months ago +424

    I love Jackson for the simple fact that he started out not as a rapper, because just rapping in a group doesn't make you rapper, and he knew that. But the man worked hard, he improved over all those years and now can proudly call himself a rapper! I love going back to older stuff and just seeing how much Jackson has improved!♡



     10 months ago +585

    Mark said that he want something like made it for Got7 next concept.



     11 months ago +1020

    In Jackson's dictionary there's no such word called disappointment

  • Joonation/ Sunshinechim

    Joonation/ Sunshinechim

     10 months ago +129

    I had to pause when Jackson appeared...and take a deep breath....

  • Janelle Buenrostro

    Janelle Buenrostro

     9 months ago +76

    The people who disliked the video were so amazed by his beauty and talent they went blind and accidentally clicked the dislike button

  • Mouli Banerjee

    Mouli Banerjee

     10 months ago +237

    I’m boto it’s my chance
    We should get some chills
    Pullin' up in the brand new wheels
    Got wit me a couple hundred mills
    Walk in Rodeo Beverly Hills, ay
    We should get some chills
    Ambition will keep it trill
    Ain’t no matter ‘bout what you feel
    Slow down we can get some chills
    Gotta get them chills
    Party like endless Sunday
    Gotta get them chills, celebrate like everyday birthday
    Rock it like we drivin' through the endless highway
    All the party DNA inside my blood, oh hey yeah
    Catch 'em do yeah we come for
    Please tell me yeah chilling party I ain’t none
    Catch it we gon' party, we no stressed til' noon
    Don’t think about leaving right out, it's too soon
    We gon boss so hard we made it
    Fly so hard we made it
    Trippin' all on we made it
    Tell 'em we got the sauce we made it
    Boss so hard we made it
    Fly so high we made it
    Trippin' all on we made it
    Tell 'em we got the sauce we made it
    We may have made it
    Ay, we all we made it
    Ay, put end my mayday
    Ya, we all we made it
    Ay, we may have made it
    Ya, we all we made it
    Ay, put end my mayday
    Ya, we all we made it

  • Nisa Acar

    Nisa Acar

     7 months ago +174

    I kinda like jacksons solo songs more than the group songs

  • Soulless Kim

    Soulless Kim

     11 months ago +544

    Looks like Jackson’s shirt got snatched like our wigs.

  • JGa


     10 months ago +98

    Jackson is PERFECTION period.

  • Peppermint


     10 months ago +93

    every time Jackson explains the songs meaning i fall for it a little more

  • rachsubs


     7 months ago +55

    I remember listening this on my birthday on Vlive and I was like WTF I NEED TO STAN this and then I searched and I discovered Got7. Right now I’m an Ahgase and I am so happy because I found them, they are amazing not only that all of them have amazing personalities but they are also really talented.

  • kk jigglypuff

    kk jigglypuff

     8 months ago +58

    You MADE IT!! Your childhood dream came true! You made it to the HK Madame Tussands wax museum. Congrats!! 🙌🙌🔥🔥

  • Nayeli Rojas

    Nayeli Rojas

     10 months ago +2594

    I've read a lot of comments about Jackson looking and behaving so serious in this comeback, when I look at this video, hearing his solo track I think it's all in there, the answer to that, he has matured a lot, and I think he wants people take him serious as an artist, he has been a little, funny and sweet boy for a long time, and we all think about him like that, like a goofy and funny guy who make us laugh, and I think he does not want that anymore, he wants to look like an adult man and singer and rapper, so let's not worry, I bet he is not mad, sad or sick, probably tired yes, but doing what he loves and desires. Let's walk this path with him and the guys Ahgases, let's support them and love them.

  • God7 Ahga

    God7 Ahga

     10 months ago +38

    This song gives me the energy to refresh when I'm down...😣😣

  • ѕt mєlσn

    ѕt mєlσn

     7 months ago +11

    When Jackson become Gray Fullbuster..

  • Viv


     10 months ago +34

    Still and will always be my first bias. Kind, hardworking, talented and handsome. This is a total bop. Great job Jackson 🔥❤️

  • Party D

    Party D

     6 months ago +7

    How can u do this to ahgase Jackson, u gotta put some shirt on man. Those abs isn't good for my heart lol 😂