Brunch at 7-ELEVEN VS LAWSON in Tokyo Japan

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 8, 2018
  • Convenience stores in Japan are great for tasty cheap food, and two of the more popular stores are 7-Eleven and Lawson. Today I try a bunch of food from each to see if they carry better products than the other.

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  • DArK P0tAt0

    DArK P0tAt0

     40 minutes ago


    not a single soul

    mike at 3:48: ThaT Is rEaLLy CurRy.

  • Shane's Book Corner

    Shane's Book Corner

     8 hours ago

    How does Mikey eat so much food in one sitting and still stay so fit?

  • Nasser alkhalaf

    Nasser alkhalaf

     10 hours ago

    is he really eating all those sweets alone

  • Jj Baker

    Jj Baker

     17 hours ago

    Make sure you eat before watching this

  • J Ma

    J Ma

     19 hours ago

    How are you not 400 lbs? Lol

  • GalaxyWolfGamer 875

    GalaxyWolfGamer 875

     23 hours ago

    This guy is enjoying life to the fullest right now and I love it !!

  • Bedrock



    I just want those desserts

  • Pineapple Peach

    Pineapple Peach


    I want to eat everything you got so bad omg

  • Ava Yu

    Ava Yu


    Plastic containers in microwave oven produce carcinogenic thank you for being the tasting guinea pig king for your viewers!🤓

  • imsamyyy


     2 days ago

    Hot pot lol potato chips

  • Balázs Szűcs

    Balázs Szűcs

     2 days ago +1

    I'm a simple person. I hear Anthony Bourdain, I hit like.

  • Eric Saxon

    Eric Saxon

     2 days ago

    Not sure any of that stuff was actually cheese. From what I understand Japan is sort of a cheeseless society on the whole. So I'm wondering if all that stuff you thought was cheese like the pizza bun, was it mochi?

  • Memey Boi

    Memey Boi

     3 days ago

    This guy isn’t himself without pork buns

  • Ceymour Butts

    Ceymour Butts

     3 days ago


  • Tanto H

    Tanto H

     3 days ago

    this is the video, this is the moment when mike starts getting addicted with japanese convenience store food and might be one of the reason why he moved to japan

  • FoxyThePirate952


     3 days ago

    how just how i wish america had these

  • Michael Haskins

    Michael Haskins

     3 days ago

    Anyone realize he looks like Jacky chan

  • Trenten Walden

    Trenten Walden

     3 days ago

    This looks so good!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dbsommers1


     3 days ago

    It's all delicious.

  • Zachary Cassidy

    Zachary Cassidy

     4 days ago

    lmao this was posted on my birthday 2 years ago