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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 28, 2019
  • Me and my friends play Tinder in real life and it gets CRAZY HAHA
    Like this video if you're that single friend that gives your friends relationship advice lol
    and comment 'single club' if you see this!

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  • Anna Tyrrell

    Anna Tyrrell

     48 minutes ago

    Ben what is wrong with your hair

  • Anitawolf Wolf

    Anitawolf Wolf

     2 hours ago

    Gavin you were dating Piper Raquel

  • Michelle Jones

    Michelle Jones

     2 hours ago

    so if we are not single do we hit the dislke button

  • Shierah Monique Macuha

    Shierah Monique Macuha

     2 hours ago

    eww gavin is here your finding girl friend becuse you break up with your girl friend piper

  • L & A

    L & A

     3 hours ago

    single goals

  • Milenija Zivadinovic

    Milenija Zivadinovic

     5 hours ago

    If i was Nicolet i wud pic Gavin

  • Edward Sultanov

    Edward Sultanov

     7 hours ago

    Merick was on Britain’s got talent wasn’t he?

  • Identical Twins s sis

    Identical Twins s sis

     7 hours ago

    I Have a boyfriend 😁

  • Sonia Guerrero

    Sonia Guerrero

     7 hours ago

    Ummm l'm single and l'm 8 years old

  • Sittie Zareenah Ebrahim

    Sittie Zareenah Ebrahim

     8 hours ago

    Gavin used to be pipers boy friend

  • Mickey Thoe

    Mickey Thoe

     8 hours ago

    I love this video it made me laugh so much!!! :)

  • Prissilla Ryu

    Prissilla Ryu

     9 hours ago

    At the end I can not stop laughing at it

  • Dabbit


     10 hours ago +1

    I watch this many times like this if u want part 2 guyss.

  • Pancake Syrup

    Pancake Syrup

     10 hours ago

    Merric is on america got talent merric is rich your little sister/cousin should have pick him

  • Kenna May

    Kenna May

     11 hours ago

    I'm single like a Pringle with some sprinkles

  • Bre’asia McCloud

    Bre’asia McCloud

     11 hours ago

    So you single but ready to mingle

  • Zavion Jones

    Zavion Jones

     12 hours ago

    Me I’m that freind

  • ana faizal ghani

    ana faizal ghani

     13 hours ago

    Mason: bro u just got roasted man
    Gavin: whattttttttttt 😑

  • Rodulfo Madriaga

    Rodulfo Madriaga

     13 hours ago

    Gavin!? Thats pipers boyfriend!

  • Rodulfo Madriaga

    Rodulfo Madriaga

     13 hours ago

    Im only 9 years old?!