MLB Bizarre Plays

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 3, 2017
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  • GrizzliesFan 37

    GrizzliesFan 37

     5 months ago

    4:00 you turn on the game and here this

  • Dru Won

    Dru Won

     5 months ago +1

    "He couldn't find the ball, where was it..was it in his hat..?"
    Yes. The ball was in his hat.

  • Jack Mulock

    Jack Mulock

     6 months ago

    5:37 why is the guy wearing number 42

  • DisCoolPerson 2019

    DisCoolPerson 2019

     7 months ago +1

    I can see the football outline in Oakland's stadium

  • nycjin816


     7 months ago

    no matter how many times I see the mcallister play off his ankle I cant help but think what a dainty fairy like play from his reaction to the arm motion to the toss

  • TheDarkenedLightGem


     a years ago

    What about when Jean Segura ran the bases backwards?



     a years ago

    at 0:17 Greg Gibson would've banned this if he had motioned to both players.

  • Obvioustroller


     a years ago

    One of the birds got hit :(

  • Lubuzz Deawesome

    Lubuzz Deawesome

     a years ago +2

    I got YIAY #388 as an ad. WHAT!?

  • Moss Family

    Moss Family

     a years ago

    3:06 why not bunt? 1 out just put one down 3rd

  • Julie Ladnier

    Julie Ladnier

     a years ago

    1:26 is that a football field

  • Johnny Chicken

    Johnny Chicken

     a years ago

    sorry 5:18

  • Johnny Chicken

    Johnny Chicken

     a years ago


  • Johnny Chicken

    Johnny Chicken

     a years ago

    0:39 just wow

  • peachferrari


     a years ago

    5:02 this is why I don't like the new signal for a walk rule. So many things can go wrong. Make them throw the pitches.

  • Mateo Gomez

    Mateo Gomez

     a years ago

    Bullet economist ie load pure want surgeon.

  • Johnny Jin

    Johnny Jin

     a years ago

    I don't understand how 3:11 is bizarre. It's just a shift to keep the runners from scoring.

  • Definitely not a seal

    Definitely not a seal

     a years ago

    Rizzo catches 2 foul balls in the stands lol

  • Nathan Justice

    Nathan Justice

     a years ago

    damn brooks conrad

  • kiriri kiri

    kiriri kiri

     2 years ago

    why no Randy's pedyon kiliing