6 Must-Know Survival Knots

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 27, 2018
  • Today we're getting down to basics and learning to tie 6 useful survival knots!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Qf_TZgBWE0A


  • Ausaramun


     a years ago +670

    I did knot expect this to be quite useful! Great job!

  • Uluğ Tarkan

    Uluğ Tarkan

     7 days ago

    Nr2 has a weakness though, it tends to losen up if it gets under tension sideways!

  • Só Mais Uma Inscrita

    Só Mais Uma Inscrita

     14 days ago +1

    I felt a weird sense of pride for already knowing how to tie all the knots in this video.

  • Basim Ali

    Basim Ali

     21 days ago

    I really liked the explanation but the music feels so distracting and unnecessary. You're doing a great job though. Keep it up! 🙂

  • kenneth Price-Jones

    kenneth Price-Jones

     1 months ago

    for you clove hitch. i have to rig up heavy steel pipe for work. so what i do is wrap the rope around twice vut the second wrap crosses over the first making an "x" then pass the short end through the horizontal cross of the x

  • LOLSflint


     2 months ago

    you should show snares

  • Jacob B MLG

    Jacob B MLG

     5 months ago +1

    Bow line: 0:32

  • William Badzio-George

    William Badzio-George

     8 months ago

    It will knot let go... (8:28)

  • James Meadows

    James Meadows

     9 months ago

    WOW i thought it was a useful video about how to tie common knots. WOW this is sad times when everyone thinks the most useful knot is the hangman noose 😞😞😞

  • Nathan Koay

    Nathan Koay

     9 months ago

    Yay 1 type of knot for hangman

  • Kurt Schmidt

    Kurt Schmidt

     10 months ago

    Not sure what it means for line to be too long, but, the sheep shank can be used to protect a damaged section of line. See also the alpine butterfly.

  • Kurt Schmidt

    Kurt Schmidt

     10 months ago

    For a sliding loop you should use the midshipman's hitch, rather than the tautline. That second turn should be above the first.

    Tautline is better around a spar.

  • Matthew Patrick

    Matthew Patrick

     10 months ago

    Are you an Eagle Scout?

  • karenscott3512


     11 months ago


  • Acyutananda das

    Acyutananda das

     11 months ago

    Now you need to re shoot this video in a white T shirt. or get some white rope

  • 2005Guyver01


     11 months ago

    I recently learnt how to tie the old fashioned hangman’s noose knot. I find that it comes in very handy in the recycling centre there I work.

  • Headphonepro


     a years ago

    Subscribe to spicy donkey

  • Mach Pandac

    Mach Pandac

     a years ago

    "Now turns out that clove hitch, like the bow line, has a one handed method of tying it." (Demonstrates using two hands)

  • Mach Pandac

    Mach Pandac

     a years ago

    Its great that it was chosen to wear black gloves in demonstrating how to tie rope with are also black. They match incredibly.

  • Raphael Loh

    Raphael Loh

     a years ago

    I learnt all of these knots when I was with the State Emergency Service... your way of tying the clove hitch more complicated than the way I know, and it doesn't matter which side you tie the clove hitch, you just need to mirror the method...