We got away with this...

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 3, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/QZqmPlK_r7o


  • Dobre Brothers

    Dobre Brothers

     a years ago +4244


  • Chloe Harris

    Chloe Harris

     8 months ago +234

    Hit it like you don't care.
    Hit it if you ain't scared.
    Hit it like you don't care.
    Hit it if you know your lit.

  • Ellizabeth DOBRE ARMY!

    Ellizabeth DOBRE ARMY!

     8 months ago +174

    Roses 🌹 are red🌹
    Violets are blue
    I’m in Dobre army
    What about u

  • zFellz Games

    zFellz Games

     7 months ago +74

    Roses are red
    Violers are blue
    i love the #DobreArmy
    What about you

  • Katey Nelson

    Katey Nelson

     6 months ago +34

    I was so scared for them!!😂🖤great video as always

  • Rosa Ramos

    Rosa Ramos

     a years ago +820

    Lucas do a dead boyfriend prank to ivanita like if you agree

  • Elisha_ Soccer

    Elisha_ Soccer

     8 months ago +47


  • Bridget Grant

    Bridget Grant

     7 months ago +29

    A hit it like you don't care hit it.if you ain't, scared Hit it if you now you lit a,we,lit thank you guys stay cool
    Stay awesome, gang gang👍👍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👌👌 👌👌😁😁😎😎😎😁😎😎😁😎😎😁😇😇😇

  • Porfirio Rodriguez

    Porfirio Rodriguez

     10 months ago +277

    If you love this video leaving thumbs up on this comment and on this video 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🍩

  • Justin Goss

    Justin Goss

     8 months ago +10

    They do realize the are cameras in there

  • Pink Frosted Mangos

    Pink Frosted Mangos

     5 months ago +21

    Do you guys forget that are security cameras!? This video scared me! And I was just watching it!
    “Hold on, I like grapes” -Steve

  • Z k a A S H E R

    Z k a A S H E R

     9 months ago +214

    Hit it like you don't care
    Hit it if you ain't scared
    Hit it like you don't care
    Hit it if you know you lit

  • xXsunflowerGirlxX gacha

    xXsunflowerGirlxX gacha

     9 months ago +37

    Guys that was a bad idea... It was awesome. Give me a thumbs up one friend one like👍😜



     11 months ago +50

    Epic fail but I still love u

  • Precious Smith

    Precious Smith

     a years ago +144

    I was so scared when the men came in because I thought they were going to get arrested 😱😨. By the way
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARIUS !!;)💜❤️💙🍉🎉🎁🎊🎈🎂🤩😍😘

  • Kimberley De Los Santos

    Kimberley De Los Santos

     7 months ago +3

    I that was me I would chicken out lol

  • yash veer

    yash veer

     9 months ago +2

    Darius pose looks like Paula Dybyla

  • Jaheim Lee

    Jaheim Lee

     9 months ago +7

    Savage 💯

  • Michelle Tombrello

    Michelle Tombrello

     4 days ago +1

    Darius: "shhhhhh"
    Also Darius: * Slams car door *
    Me" OMG

  • Saify Raja

    Saify Raja

     8 months ago +48

    There is no camera in this supercar dellership