Frozen 2: The Truth About Elsa And Anna's Parents

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  • There's A Lot You Don't Know About Anna & Elsa's Parents...
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    Everyone get excited. Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven are all returning to a theatre near you in 2019. That’s right, after a long wait, Frozen 2 is on the way. Hopefully, the sequel provides a little more explanation about things like why Elsa has powers, where the trolls come from, and why Olaf loves summer so much.

    The biggest mysteries from the first movie don’t have anything to do with our favorite characters. Frozen’s biggest secrets revolve around none other than Elsa and Anna’s parents. Queen Iduna and King Agnarr may have crashed before the events of the first movie, but that may not be where their story ended. Some think that their fateful voyage intersected with a few other Disney classics. Do Anna and Elsa share any relation to Tarzan? Was Ariel, in fact, swimming through the remains of their ship in The Little Mermaid? Are Rapunzel and Flynn Rider somewhat responsible for their voyage in the first place?

    That’s not even taking into account their lives before the shipwreck. Did either of them have powers? Why were they so shocked at Elsa’s? What kind of rulers were they?

    What we do know is that they had some major parenting flaws. As a rule, you should never tell your young daughter that “conceal, don’t feel” are words to live by. Those words went on to almost shroud their kingdom in an eternal winter. Why did they not just help Elsa to control her powers? Were they just too afraid of her?

    We have all of the answers for you. Here’s Frozen 2, The Truth About Anna And Elsa’s Parents.
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