♪ DUNKIRK THE MUSICAL - Animated Parody Song

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  • Animated music video parody of the movie "Dunkirk"
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    Movie Musicals #37: Dunkirk The Musical
    The English military uses its tactics of chanting obscenities in an attempt to keep the advancing enemy back long enough to evacuate Dunkirk in France and get back to England.

    ►Script, Song, Vocals & Animation by Lhugueny
    ►Co-produced by WDi_40


    Where are we going Mr Dawson?
    Dunkirk, George. Gotta save our boys from those ! c#!?s

    Alright Collins, let’s get some altitude so we don’t get jumped by those %I?z again.
    And for good measure, let’s do the chant one more time.

    Roger that.

    First I met a French bloke as I tried to take a s#!?
    Next thing that I knew the bombers soared down like some kites.
    Blowing men away with their aviator stunts,
    Then I realized, might not survive, ‘cause ! are all c#!?s

    A ! U-boat snuck and torpedoed our Navy ship,
    Accidentally knocked out George, I had a shell shock fit.
    I told the old man to turn around, he don’t know when to quit,
    But he’ll never stop, he hates those ! c#!?y little s%!?s

    My Spitfire tore a new a#&% to that BF 109,
    Shooting krauts out of the sky it feels so damned divine.
    I’ll use every drop of fuel to pull my deadly little stunts,
    ‘Cause our boys need help to leave Dunkirk, protect them from the c#!?s

    Oye! Oye!

    Harry Styles has lost his mind, we’re drowning in this bog,
    The lads and him have all agreed to sacrifice the frog.
    We barely made it out alive, escaped the oily dump,
    Then the crashing plane turned oil to flame,
    ‘Cause !s are all c#!?s

    When we get home they’ll spit on us in the #%ing street,
    Because by ! c#!?s we faced humiliating defeat.
    Rolls Royce Merlin engines indeed are the sweetest sound,
    Spitfires are so marvelous, hunt ! c#!?s like hounds.

    Be careful with my friend or suffer an awful fate,
    Well, I hate to break it to you but, well, he’s dead mate.
    Georgie boy, he was killed by one of our own, trying to get men home,
    The real culprit’s the ! c#!?s for putting Cillian in a funk.

    My plane is out of fuel but I am going to stick around,
    To shoot more dive bombers, watch them crash into the ground.
    Then I’ll land right on the beach, get captured intentionally,
    Just to spit in their face, and give them a taste, and tell them that they’re c#!?s

    Soon the world will know, we were struck a blow by c#!?y ! c#!?s
  • Source: https://youtu.be/QBt5jeyOM2o