5 Tips to Up Your Grill Game This Summer

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 29, 2018
  • Make life easy with these 5 tips & tricks for an epic cookout! 🙌
  • Source: https://youtu.be/QAotBRindj8


  • G Jacobson

    G Jacobson

     a years ago

    Step 1, boil ribs. Step 2, stop video

  • Kylee Abramson

    Kylee Abramson

     a years ago

    1:50 omfg you can do that inside tf

  • Kylee Abramson

    Kylee Abramson

     a years ago

    Jesus Christ that mUSIC

  • Tom Sparks

    Tom Sparks

     a years ago

    Obviously a Kikkoman plug. The worst soy sauce. Un-aged, mass-produced, GMO, Gluten-loaded. San-J Tamari is better and better for you.

  • DonPandemoniac


     a years ago

    I will never pre-boil ribs, clever tricks here anyhow. Thanks!

  • SuperWho 88 2

    SuperWho 88 2

     a years ago

    Me: Oh, I wonder who sponso—
    Tasty: KIKKOMAN

  • ashleexry


     a years ago

    Since when is salt optional?

  • Tori Ani.

    Tori Ani.

     a years ago

    The boiled ribs killed my soul.

  • HerrCrazyMe


     a years ago

    sponsored by kikkoman ? :D

  • Shravan Ganta

    Shravan Ganta

     a years ago

    sponsored by a brand that no one knew before this video

  • Ben Hsiang

    Ben Hsiang

     a years ago

    “Parboiled ribs”...how about plan ahead so you won’t have to serve boiled, bland food?

  • Em


     a years ago

    a hot dog bun and sausage only...........so bland

  • InSaiyan


     a years ago

    I wonder if this video got sponsored

  • Blair Churchill

    Blair Churchill

     a years ago

    Boiling meat.. worst idea ever

  • kana nugetti

    kana nugetti

     a years ago

    Oh shiet could you do these summer videos a little faster because finnish summer is 1 day a year and its already over....

  • Shadow Fox

    Shadow Fox

     a years ago

    UGH they put soy sauce on hot dogs! I'm usually open minded but naw fam THAT'S NASTY

  • Neo Roman0

    Neo Roman0

     a years ago

    Had to get off the soy train...

  • A8X- N

    A8X- N

     a years ago

    The "music" in this video is so obnoxious.

  • Yvonne


     a years ago

    Boiling them boils out the flavour! We line a roasting pan with water and lemons, and put the ribs (seasoned with a rub) inside the pan on a rack. They steam and bake IN NO TIME, then you put them on them on the BBQ

  • Hybridram


     a years ago

    not even talking about it being an ad in he description.