Game Theory: How Zelda Breath of the Wild SOLVES The Zelda Timeline!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 5, 2017
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    THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD is a stellar addition to the series. But ever since its release, Breath of the Wild has plagued fans with one big question - where does this fit into the Zelda Timeline? Well, after hours of gameplay (followed by even more hours of research), I have solved the puzzle! And Breath of the Wild may reveal more about Nintendo's Zelda timeline than we could ever imagine.

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  • The Game Theorists

     (Sep 5, 2017)

    Ladies and gentlemen, you may have to adjust the color of your is definitely a yellow strap! Haha...I didn't realize it would be so controversial. Pull up the Wiki shot of it and it's pretty obvious.(You can also judge based on the brown underpieces that Link wears as a part of that outfit as well, plus the little laces in front at his neck...the hat to me was the most obvious, though)Also, just to clarify: A lot of people are saying "It's obvious it's Fallen Hero because Link wak...

  • Halen Strevig

     (Apr 9, 2019)

    How can breath of the wild occur at the end of the adult timeline when breath of the wild happened in old hyrule. Locations in ocarina of time such as Lon Lon ranch, hyrule castle town, and the temple of time all in ocarina of time support this

  • Nickolas Raven

     (Dec 16, 2018)


  • Heaven Toms

     (Sep 6, 2017)

    "The strap is yellow!" "The strap is lime green!" *Captain America: Civil War*

  • one departed

     (Feb 27, 2019)

    "The sleeves are brown!"

  • HoagieTheRogie

     (Feb 23, 2019)

    Captain Hyrule: Civil War

  • TudBoatTed

     (Jan 4, 2019)

    No suprise the link from the cartoon failed to kill ganon

  • Finn Manton

     (Mar 28, 2019)

    WRFM PaRaDoX dammit I was gonna say that 😂

  • Matteo Rosselli

     (Mar 7, 2019)

    You're missing the point lol. The fallen Hero timeline is because Link failed to best Ganondorf in OOT. It DOESNT IMPLY link couldn't defeat ganondorf in every Fallen Hero timeline game...

  • Godzilla1282

     (Jan 6, 2019)

    12:11 of all the Zeldas to use at that joke you chose CHILD ZELDA FROM OCARINA!?!?!? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  • Alucard Fahrenheit Tepes

     (Apr 2, 2019)

    Deeper when did someone say that

  • Deeper

     (Apr 2, 2019)

    A Lolinkicon? That sounds like a legendary Transformer or something

  • Sprite Knight

     (Feb 22, 2019)

    What if the timelines collided? LOZ: A LINK BETWEEN TIMELInES

  • chaoticwarrior12

     (2 days ago)

    With all the Links fighting side by side... just take my money

  • James Johnson

     (Apr 8, 2019)

    yes please

  • Anthony

     (Jan 13, 2019)

    Little did he know BOTW is at the end of ALL the timelines

  • ineedspace 128

     (Apr 12, 2019)

    Yeah but we can agree on some thing no one like the cgi game s

  • GreenFoxy

     (Apr 12, 2019)

    Anthony that is just a theory. It’s not been proven as a fact

  • M'go Face

     (Nov 29, 2017)

    "Major cutscene mentioning events only happening in one timeline."Mat: I sleep."Some yellow stripe is on his hat."Mat: ASCENDED.

  • thezekroman

     (Jan 29, 2019)

    That's kinda how Game Theory rolls tbh

  • gameo7

     (Mar 10, 2019)

    It took me 1 and a half years to:- Get into the Legend of Zelda Series- Become addicted to Zelda- Withdrawl my addiction to Zelda- Get a Switch and Breath of the Wild- Try to figure out the timeline by myself- Come back to this video

  • Jake Smith

     (2 days ago)


  • IGNiTE :D

     (Mar 23, 2019)

    So this is where my escaped clone went

  • Exerberus The dude

     (Jan 13, 2019)


  • Krista Tolson

     (Mar 17, 2019)

    Happy screeches ???

  • GreenSchwinnOfficial

     (Mar 7, 2019)


  • Hunter C

     (Feb 28, 2019)

    Who's ready for links awaking remaster on switch?

  • Lenny Linn

     (5 days ago)


  • Joshua, Hero 0f Hyrule

     (Apr 6, 2019)

    I am for sure.:3