How I Live My Healthiest Lifestyle

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 14, 2018
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  • Isabelle E

    Isabelle E

     a years ago +608

    I lost ten pounds on my diet 😛 no one probably cares but I needed to tell someone

  • Flannel Guy DIY

    Flannel Guy DIY

     a years ago +484

    My healthy lifestyle starts with keeping my mother in law as far away as possible

  • Veridian


     a years ago +484

    Everyday is a cheat day for me

  • Ishan Ali

    Ishan Ali

     a years ago +865

    Literally eating a cookie while watching this

  • J


     a years ago +243

    So she's the person behind all the healthy videos that i love!

  • Matthew Schell

    Matthew Schell

     a years ago +292

    I made pancakes today and took an afternoon nap.

  • J Smooth

    J Smooth

     a years ago +197

    I lost 35lbs in 2 months after I found out I had high blood pressure a year ago... Then I changed my eating habits... No more fast food... Now I cook alot more and prep meals everyday by eating more of a vegetarian based diet and cut back on sugar... No more high blood pressure... Lowered it naturally without medication... Now I feel great... Great video☺

  • Veridian


     a years ago +513

    My healthy lifestyle involves eating cup noodles for every meal of the day

  • Curiosity Culture

    Curiosity Culture

     a years ago +420

    Ah! The biggest problem is how easy it is to buy fast food. FYI: workout in the morning, it's the key to happiness 😎

  • Ali Maxwell

    Ali Maxwell

     a years ago +102

    Who wants to start this together on monday and give daily updates and support

  • MFatima


     a years ago +29

    But why aren’t the videos she talked about linked? ☹️

  • August Celine III

    August Celine III

     a years ago +27

    1:09 Where is her exercise routine video for reducing tightness in the waist and hips?

  • Sad Walrus

    Sad Walrus

     a years ago +53

    what time do yall wake up to be able to work out I cant even get out of bed in the morning lol

  • Justin Eats

    Justin Eats

     a years ago +18

    I like to watch people eat healthy to compensate.

  • ᴊ ᴅ

    ᴊ ᴅ

     a years ago +114

    I just eat a whole lotta junk food and sit around all day and I'm still in shape
    (I'M JOKING) <----

  • Hey You

    Hey You

     a years ago +44

    Why is this health girl on here when 99% of this channel is about creating cheesy, greasy food. Out of place

  • Emily Mitchell

    Emily Mitchell

     a years ago +18

    This is so offtopic, but she looks like a mix between Alessia Cara and Camila Cebello.....

  • Benjamin W

    Benjamin W

     a years ago +58

    I want you to know someone cares. Not me, but someone...probably.

  • Sara Ahmad

    Sara Ahmad

     a years ago +16


  • From night owl to early bird

    From night owl to early bird

     a years ago +18

    Teach us more healthy dishes tasty!!