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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 17, 2018
  • Malaysia just had its first-ever opposition victory. We’re talking about a whole new government.
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    Following an election result that surprised even longtime analysts in the region, Najib Razak stepped down as Malaysia’s Prime Minister in May 2018, to cede power to a man who not only mentored him, but actually helped him get into power in the first place: Mahathir Mohamad.

    So what does this all mean for the people of Malaysia? Check out our full story to learn more about this historic shift in governance.

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  • Aaronjames1221


     1 months ago

    Really... Its not miracle now...

  • Derald JR Derald JR

    Derald JR Derald JR

     4 months ago

    'Diaorang ni dah kena kencing dah hahahah

  • Hi Just a commenter

    Hi Just a commenter

     5 months ago

    Better than During najib’s regime, during that time I hate mahathir and despise him. Now I see what Najib did, I came together with malaysians to vote for PH, HIDUP ANWAR

  • Eddie Lee

    Eddie Lee

     6 months ago

    Guess what....? The voices are gone..

  • Black Kaiser

    Black Kaiser

     6 months ago +1

    Now many regret that they vote ph 😅malaysia economy is at worst

  • Chong Chong

    Chong Chong

     7 months ago

    Mampus bee ende

  • Eizaz Aqil

    Eizaz Aqil

     7 months ago +1

    Can we have a new election again ? We not really happy with our new government

  • Arham S

    Arham S

     7 months ago

    May Mahathir bring changes to Malay. Najib were bad experience for Malaysia

  • Octaviel Brian

    Octaviel Brian

     8 months ago +1

    Its a victory to thrown out 61 years old ruling party..
    But, right now the new government govern the country more worst compared to previous 61 years regime!
    Even Mahathir is the most experienced leader, but his peers/ cabinet members are unexperienced . Our economy right now were dropped! Increasing in debt, slow development, fake promises, and sold out assets to gain money...

    New government more worst compared to previous regime.

  • john ting

    john ting

     8 months ago

    We as Malaysians have faith on this new government lead by Pakatan Harapan coalition ....

  • Jali Kazama

    Jali Kazama

     8 months ago +2

    Theres nothing to proud of with current PH govt. Current PH govt are even more worst than BN. You may say najib is worst leader but at least he still helping the poor people and Economically grow better under Najib admin unlike now.

    Even only 25% malay who voted for PH while the rest voted for BN/Pas. Because majority malay know PH trying to push liberal agenda which can give negative effect to malay which most of them are conservative.

    Trust me PH will only survive for one term and conservative coalition BN/Pas will make a comeback and take over back the govt form PH in next election

  • Aman Mamat

    Aman Mamat

     9 months ago +1

    pakatan harapan means pact of hope

  • Hizzad Dinno

    Hizzad Dinno

     9 months ago

    The world needs to keep an eye on Najib - right now he's engaged in an image rebranding campaign aimed at improving his battered public image. The campaign is elegant, simple and effective at reacquiring Barisan National party members, Malay and youth support. He uses humour to affect a nascent but growing disregard of his (accused) crimes. The campaign's motto is "Malu apa, bossku?" which can be translated as "What have you got to be ashamed of, ma' boss?". Basically, he's trying to downplay the accusations of high level corruption and also rebrand his image into an image of an average joe's hero. He even goes so far as to "forgive" the people of Malaysia for his downfall. And it is working - the Malay mindset is quick to forget and forgive (in that specific order), especially when dealing with powerful, rich or influential individuals, even when they themselves were the ones previously exploited by the individual. Some nice chin-wagging and all's forgiven... Allah save us. It was international shame that brought him down but like a bacteria, he's trying to gain resistance to the antibiotic of corruption.

  • Banana Lam

    Banana Lam

     9 months ago

    How can you know it's really Corrupt???

  • Tam Quai wah

    Tam Quai wah

     9 months ago

    the new governmt will not last long if it keep on pitch the citizen with empty promises...NO positive action on road jam ,economic recover ,ringgit dropping ,,country can help.rejected .....😂

  • Alia Sahar

    Alia Sahar

     9 months ago

    Update: mahathir appointed political appointees in the board of the Government Linked Companies- go figures!!

    And now the government supporters were like yeah it is okay to do so because they are competent person to head this GLC

    Well u never said so when the previous-BN led govt did the same practise- they accused them of being favoured to the position bcoz they are politician..

    Now when the table is turn, its the different argument..

    What la you all talking? This is all just to suit your own agenda...

  • Ibrahim Hamzah

    Ibrahim Hamzah

     9 months ago

    For me Tun Dr Mahathir is a conservative Islam in international stage, but in the country that he organize, many MP in Parliament of the conservative Muslims disagree with him on some of the decisions in favour of the liberal class Islam. Even in the Cabinet Tun Dr Mahathir this day was under proxy by a group of people who are Anti Islam or class of Liberal Islamophobia. Not same like used to be during the era of 1980s none of those them in cabinet is Anti Islam or Islamophobia.

    Bagi saya Tun Dr Mahathir seorang yang Konservatif Islam di peringkat antarabangsa, tetapi di negara yang beliau pimpini, kebanyakkan MP Konservatif Islam di parlimen tidak setuju dengan beliau atas beberapa keputusan yang memihak kepada golongan liberal Islam. Bahkan dalam kabinet Tun Dr Mahathir hari ini sendiri dijawat oleh sekumpulan orang yang Anti Islam atau golongan Liberal Islamophobia. Tidak seperti dulu semasa era 1980an tidak ada golongan Anti Islam atau MP yang Islamophobia dalam kabinet menteri.

  • Amirul Fahmi

    Amirul Fahmi

     10 months ago

    Seems my nation pick up back the king of corrupter.....well....congrats Malaysia....

  • Aaron Daniel

    Aaron Daniel

     10 months ago

    Dah kena kencing?

  • Thermal Dragon

    Thermal Dragon

     10 months ago

    I am politically dumb, is he right or left?