Late For Work - Parkour Race

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 14, 2019
  • Late for Work - Parkour Race

    Watch Math and Alex racing to get to work. One using parkour, the other using his car. Who will be there first?

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    ► Credits:
    Alex : Alex
    Matt : Math
    Graphic design: Alex
    Video editing: Math


    - Work week by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

    - Minneapolis by Otis McDonald

    - Ready Set Go by Magic In The Other
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  • Carlton Parkes

    Carlton Parkes

     13 hours ago

    When bad happens to u

  • Carlton Parkes

    Carlton Parkes


    I love being late for work

  • Carlton Parkes

    Carlton Parkes


    I saw Matt backflips he been doing

  • Carlton Parkes

    Carlton Parkes


    Bad things happen to the Parkour Twins

  • Carlton Parkes

    Carlton Parkes

     yesterday +1

    I love u Mathieu 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • cool gamer girl 2

    cool gamer girl 2

     7 days ago

    Him:im late for work!
    Still him:imma parkour to work even if im late!

  • Lost [Daycore Audio]

    Lost [Daycore Audio]

     21 days ago

    The thing is

    I’m late

  • Benjamin Song

    Benjamin Song

     1 months ago

    Good stuff man
    Love your vids
    Please make more

  • Andrea Marcon

    Andrea Marcon

     1 months ago

    thats a dangerous and stressfull way to go work

  • Lakzie ll

    Lakzie ll

     2 months ago

    Dude just get a GoPro

  • tubeprincess26


     2 months ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed this, very impressed with your parkour skills, love the break for a teasing selfie lol my little one is also enjoying it

  • ryetoy_ YT

    ryetoy_ YT

     2 months ago

    Andy : Take Me To Work

  • Mathew Smith

    Mathew Smith

     3 months ago

    is Charron alive ? we havent seen any videos of him..

  • Thomster 05

    Thomster 05

     3 months ago

    Was this an advertisement for the watch

  • santyclos


     3 months ago +3

    What is your job exactly???

  • TVHead Playz

    TVHead Playz

     3 months ago +11

    When Your Mom Is Chasing You

  • Melony Grant

    Melony Grant

     3 months ago

    So your real name is matt

  • kampot qq

    kampot qq

     3 months ago +1

    I Want To Learn Parkour.

  • Taro& BudoGamer

    Taro& BudoGamer

     3 months ago +2

    Hey, flashback to Stranger Things. Be Will Byer and Demogorgon chase him. Try a new parkour skill!!!!

  • Armandas Banelis

    Armandas Banelis

     4 months ago +1

    You are best at parkour dud3