Durian Fruit Taste Test

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 9, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Pr4YFtTigUI


  • Ierham bbxツ

    Ierham bbxツ

     a years ago +1319

    The only russian people cut the durian properly..

  • L -Net

    L -Net

     a years ago +380

    Taste like manga
    Very very soft
    eventually throws up

  • alonelystar


     3 months ago +50

    “I CaN JuSt SmElL iT iN mY ThRoAt”
    - Quote of the year. ❤️🤦‍♀️😂

  • Names Dodolso

    Names Dodolso

     a years ago +217

    Asian people eat durian. But in Soviet Russia, durian eats Asian people.

  • Marilyn Alvarez

    Marilyn Alvarez

     8 months ago +211

    I wonder who was the first person who found this "fruit" smelled it and decided yeah, I'm going to eat that nasty smelling fruit.

  • mouheb elffara

    mouheb elffara

     a years ago +678

    I like the fact that he says it's delicious but then.... he starts vomiting

  • brobbus0


     10 months ago +57

    "Mmmm, this is delicious..."

  • ProLuigiGamer 01

    ProLuigiGamer 01

     7 months ago +54

    1:38 SOVIET?!?!?!? (USSR ANTHEM PLAYS)

  • Mat Veniegas

    Mat Veniegas

     7 months ago +111

    Durian is an very smelly fruit but it is very tasty
    From Philippines

  • Ash N

    Ash N

     8 months ago +24

    Such a lovely man!! Taras is curious and fascinated with everything.☺😇

  • obama bin lyin

    obama bin lyin

     a years ago +454

    “Wow this is so delicious”
    Begins to retch and puke

  • Riki Shikato

    Riki Shikato

     a years ago +56

    he cut it properly, but he still used gloves
    you're lucky you got the sweet one. the one my uncle bought was kinda... tasteless and the smell was terrible

  • ico


     a years ago +214

    White people is funny, durian is south east asian pride. It smells like heaven. I can eat it every day till the end of my life.

  • Gucci Gang

    Gucci Gang

     a years ago +67

    I love his Russian Accent.

  • Ayrina Aini

    Ayrina Aini

     a years ago +299

    I, m proud you could eat durian as a Russian. I, m in Malaysia we,re so proud of durian. We love to eat it.

  • B Kavin

    B Kavin

     a years ago +266

    “Veri veri gud”
    proceeds to vomit

  • Ilman Hakim

    Ilman Hakim

     a years ago +72

    Eating durian for breakfast, lunch and dinner... It was the happiest day in my life

  • Gilbert TheRegular

    Gilbert TheRegular

     9 months ago +7

    I like durian.
    Im from Indonesia.

  • Penny M

    Penny M

     a years ago +4

    Up the game by trying TEMPOYAK next, which is the durian jam 😁

  • Christopher Wolvos

    Christopher Wolvos

     11 months ago +13

    Wow it tastes sweet...IS THAT HOW ITS SUPPOSED TO TASTE