Making a Bushcraft Axe

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 27, 2019
  • In this video I show you my step by step processes of modifying a half hatchet/riggers hatchet into a lighter and more ergonomic bushcrafting axe. I use a straight handle, repurposed from an old double bit, to give this one a tomahawk style throwing handle. It’s turns out really well and we have a good time getting together with some friend to celebrate my birthday with an evening of axe throwing. We hope you enjoy.

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  • Richard Brown

    Richard Brown

     9 hours ago

    Even the final stages you did could have been done with a soft pad/multi-flap angrinder sandpaper disk.

  • Richard Brown

    Richard Brown

     9 hours ago

    nice work with the angle grinder for final shaping. Neat bracket and virtually any of us with an angle grinder can do the same without fancy knife making tools. Those knife making toiols can be built up vover time but I love the way you show how to do this fantastic modification using basic skills and tools. Awesome! Im now a subscriber!

  • Sigurdór Ísak Hálfdánarson

    Sigurdór Ísak Hálfdánarson

     21 hours ago

    where/how do you learn to do this?

  • one two

    one two


    I'm not sure it was a good idea to cut a decent part of that tempered zone on the blade edge.

  • Fritz Fritz

    Fritz Fritz

     yesterday +1

    Good video. Good skills, good information. Thanks

  • Tom Roberts

    Tom Roberts

     3 days ago

    You should have blued the head after you were done to finish it so it would not rust

  • Tom Roberts

    Tom Roberts

     3 days ago

    you can splice a piece of hickory on the end with epoxy and shape it for the eye of the hatchet

  • Tom Roberts

    Tom Roberts

     3 days ago

    you should have left the hammer section and ground it down to a chisel blade for small cutting and carving.

  • derek brown

    derek brown

     4 days ago

    Certainly not a chippie screwdrivers are for removing screws not metal wedges.

  • Chaka Wolf

    Chaka Wolf

     5 days ago +2

    I've built two of those. They are my favorites.

  • Алексей Колчин

    Алексей Колчин

     5 days ago

    испортил топор

  • Chris mayo

    Chris mayo

     6 days ago

    Hi’ my name is Chris’ I’m a woods junkie and avid hunter and fisherman’ I really love what you have done with this’ I was wondering if you would do one for me? I’d supply the hatchet head’ as I have 2 sitting in my tool shed’ I always said that with the proper modification these would make an awesome all around bushcraft Hatchet/pack axe’ if you can contact me if your interested I’d appreciate it’ I’d be willing to pay as well’

  • John De Boer

    John De Boer

     6 days ago

    Fully enjoyed this video but why don't you wear ear protectors? My ears almost hurt from just watching this.

  • cassanoa


     6 days ago

    you have so many axes and keep collecting and rehabilitating more - and you do a great job - do you sell them at swap meets or flea markets ?

  • James Harless

    James Harless

     7 days ago +1

    Great job!

  • david Asher

    david Asher

     7 days ago +1


  • Joel Williams

    Joel Williams

     7 days ago +1

    I’m working on a damascus camp hatchet like that. Based of of a roofing axe like you used. Mine will have a smidge more of a hammer pole on the back, but the axe itself is a bit wider.

  • Archduke Bacon Von Cheeseburger

    Archduke Bacon Von Cheeseburger

     7 days ago +1

    I was kinda hoping you would leave all the extra handle on it to really get some leverage.

  • Logan


     7 days ago +1

    You should really use a face shield.

  • Fishing with Fire

    Fishing with Fire

     7 days ago

    It would of made a cool tool if you left the full axe handle on that haha love these videos