MLB | 10 Greatest Innings of the 21st Century

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 15, 2018
  • The 10 greatest innings that we have seen this century.

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  • EXE-Edits


     a years ago +116

    Thank you all for watching, here's a nice 25+ minute video for your Sunday morning :)
    I tried to only do regular season games for the honorable mentions, so every entry wouldn't be from the postseason.
    Quick side note: the reason the Mets 10-run comeback against the Braves on 6/30/00 is because I could not find decent footage on YouTube to include with it, otherwise it most definitely would have made the list.

  • Austin Steele

    Austin Steele

     4 days ago +1

    Video should have been best 1/2 innings of all time cause nothing is better than seeing a great “full inning” ex. Away team comes back on home time from multiple runs then immediately home team comes back and wins game or retakes the lead

  • Sports MixTape

    Sports MixTape

     5 days ago +1

    Kris Bryant looked like he was gonna cry when he just missed the home run

  • Defender22


     5 days ago

    I knew 2011 WS game 6 would be on here!

  • Micheal Kelly

    Micheal Kelly

     5 days ago +3

    Baumgartners final inning against Royals should be here. Best pitching post season ever

  • dja


     6 days ago

    #6 is actually the worst inning in cubs franchise history

  • Noah Nussbaum

    Noah Nussbaum

     7 days ago +1

    At 15:40 Joe Buck's voice was so hoarse

  • Ryan Dolan

    Ryan Dolan

     7 days ago

    I love that the next time they play, Odour nearly K.O. s Bautista's bitch ass.

  • UrMomGay NoU

    UrMomGay NoU

     7 days ago

    What? Like literally every other inning shown was greater than #1! U must be a Jays fan cuz that was only down 1 and in the 7th. Every other one was later and or a greater deficit overcome. Really lost all credibility with that as #1

  • Sean Cohen

    Sean Cohen

     7 days ago

    The worst about the Cubs fiasco is Dusty sitting on his ass not arguing.

    Florida, an expansion team winning it's 2nd championship since '94 and they are not dedicated fans

    Arizona winning after their fourth year after expansion and half of that city Chicago fans having to witness that.

    Thank God I'm a White Sox fan.

  • thundercheesy55


     14 days ago

    Do a part 2 and add the dodgers vs the padres when the dodgers hit 4hrs in a row to tie the game.

  • Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson

     14 days ago

    How is that #1???? That inning would 've nothing if it wasn't for those 3 errors.

  • DrocksErocks


     14 days ago

    ALCS 2003 game 7 8th inning...seriously not even honorable (smell that anti-Yankee bias from here)

  • Drew Bravo

    Drew Bravo

     14 days ago

    😅 So that's why Odor punched Bautista as hard as he did. The shortstop was still pissed off at botching that simple pop-up.

  • Drew Bravo

    Drew Bravo

     14 days ago

    The Cubs really do owe Bartman a piece of their World Series victory. That dude got ostracized for merely trying to catch a ball hit to him. The bum shortstop made the key blunder/error that costed the team the win. I say give Bartman a replica ring AND lifetime tickets!!

  • Kid Poker

    Kid Poker

     21 days ago

    id like a logical explanation if chu didnt interfere then how did the ball end up where it did? did Martin do anything differently than any other catcher has done throwing the ball back to the pitcher than any other catcher has done in the history of baseball

  • Jeremy Bennett

    Jeremy Bennett

     21 days ago

    You could almost hear the exact time where Joe Buck climaxed, for the Yankees #10.

  • vilhelm hammershoi

    vilhelm hammershoi

     21 days ago

    Dude.... 2004 Dave Roberts stolen base! is number one!!!! are you kidding me? Best inning in baseball ever!!!

  • MrPanther30rock


     21 days ago

    6:30 Bartman.

  • Michael Marano

    Michael Marano

     21 days ago

    i was at game four of the 2017 alcs