Shower Thoughts That Will Change How You See Things

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 23, 2018
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  • Reaction Time

    Reaction Time

     a years ago +2592

    What’s your best shower thought? Go!

  • Sara Strong

    Sara Strong

     2 days ago

    LOL you 3 in a shower :+)

  • Darwin The Snake

    Darwin The Snake

     2 days ago

    Is their an achievment in life for achieving every achievable achievement that can be achieved?

  • Cippy Z.

    Cippy Z.

     2 days ago


  • Banxi Codi Sibug

    Banxi Codi Sibug

     2 days ago

    She is human submarine
    Me:why submarine drown

  • Theartistlemon


     3 days ago

    My shower thoughts: you have fingertips but not toetips yet you can tiptoe and not tipfinger

  • tom novy

    tom novy

     4 days ago

    I actually saw an flying plastic bag when i was at. Kindergarthen

  • Pushpa Wickramasinghe

    Pushpa Wickramasinghe

     4 days ago

    It just means your arm is strong and you are weak

  • Saya Mallen

    Saya Mallen

     5 days ago

    My most confusing shower thought was... why do I think so much in the shower??

  • Mistyhxrison


     6 days ago

    When ur waiting for food don’t u then become the waiter?

  • BlueFoxy


     14 days ago

    Hes strong

  • ivy zhou

    ivy zhou

     14 days ago

    hes strong

  • Henrry Rivera

    Henrry Rivera

     21 days ago +1

    What i think in the shower: someone in the shower trying to kill me when i close my eyes because of the shampoo 🧴 😂😂

  • Art Jaanisoo

    Art Jaanisoo

     21 days ago


  • Niranjana Sripada

    Niranjana Sripada

     21 days ago

    It makes him both weak and strong ,😁

  • Warren Mao

    Warren Mao

     21 days ago

    What color is glass

  • Anthea Mifsud

    Anthea Mifsud

     21 days ago

    "If I punch myself in the I strong or weak?"

    My friend, you are an idiot. An idiot.

  • Random Someone

    Random Someone

     28 days ago

    "If i punch myself in the face and it hurts...does that makes me weak or strong?"
    Me: it makes you an idiot.

  • Koshiku_ D

    Koshiku_ D

     28 days ago

    Hey reaction time, I'm a small fan and I hope you notice me. I have a shower thought. If Adam and eve and they only were the first people on earth, were all related?????

  • Mel B

    Mel B

     28 days ago

    Yeah true about history class