How Mario Can Fly – SOLVED! | The SCIENCE!... of Mario

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 26, 2018
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    Nintendo makes some of the best games and characters ever conceived for video games. However, there are some things that don't quite make sense – particularly when it comes to Mario and his unbelievable ability to FLY LIKE A BIRD! In this episode, Austin will reveal the SCIENCE behind Mario's flying ability, making an HISTORICAL DISCOVERY along the way!

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  • Door way Gaming

    Door way Gaming


    Matpat-I can Solve Mario’s hight

    Austin-I can solve his Weight The physics of the entire franchise

  • Adie Bartolome

    Adie Bartolome

     3 days ago +1

    yAy AuStIn Is ScReAmInG sCiEnCe On My FaCe

  • Dan Boekenoogen

    Dan Boekenoogen

     5 days ago

    Since the elytra in Minecraft is based on the winged cap. Can Steve fly (without creative mode).

  • A Fleming

    A Fleming

     7 days ago

    You do not need a wing you only need lift like a hot air balloon.

  • Brent Dreher

    Brent Dreher

     14 days ago

    Love that he calls the Mushroom kingdom Mario's home planet when CANON LORE has Mario and Luigi being PLUMBERS FROM FRICKING BROOKLYN. The Marios home planet IS Earth. They just warped to whatever planet the Mushroom Kingdom is on. ITS IN THE HISTORY.

  • Angel The Wolf

    Angel The Wolf

     14 days ago


    Hmmmm.... where have i seen this before?

    *Cough Cough* Super mario bros Wii *Cough*

  • Da Green Thing

    Da Green Thing

     14 days ago

    Dear Austin, have a great day.

  • Austin Eviks

    Austin Eviks

     21 days ago +1

    I still maintain that by far the WORST part of aerospace engineering is that whoever initially wrote the equations was sadistic enough to make it so that in every equation, there is an English letter with a corresponding Greek letter that looks exactly like it. Take pressure and air density, for example. In the numerator, you have the variable p for absolute pressure. In the denominator, you have the variable ρ (greek letter rho) for the air density. ( the actual equation is air density (ρ) = absolute pressure (p)/(specific gas constant (R)*absolute temperature(T) ) It's REALLY fun when stuff has to be handwritten. In short, I understand your pain, Austin.

  • King Ed

    King Ed

     21 days ago

    Love the science. Hate the yelling.

  • Felix


     21 days ago

    Thanos: I am inevitable.

    Austin: 8:22

  • OriginalSparkstar


     21 days ago

    IK this is an old video BUT WHO ELSE wants to see a video on extra lives?

  • SkyrimPro 142

    SkyrimPro 142

     a months ago

    It's funny. I have watched all of those movies. Bit of a movie nerd myself



     a months ago

    have you checked whether the water in mario is water and the properties of the liquid. other wise wouldn't the density of the liquid effect your calculations on how heavy mario is. but honestly I'm just some dumb 13 year old that does not understand much...

  • Peejay Goh

    Peejay Goh

     a months ago

    im very distracted by the yogscast minecraft dawn music in the background. (i know thats not what the song is called lol)

  • Mystic Dragon

    Mystic Dragon

     a months ago

    Mario lift wing Mario

  • JusticeGraceful


     a months ago

    I mean, I didn't want to say anything or embarrass you but yeah.... Newtons. Duh! *looks around to make sure everyone believes me*.... Yep.... Newtons.

  • Sapioit


     a months ago +1

    Dear Austin.

    You forgot about the Coanda effect (about (air) pressure and inertia). Pair it with the Newtonian model, and you have a fairly good understanding of how lift/flight is generated. And yes, scientists DO AGREE on that.

  • Sarah Hamel

    Sarah Hamel

     a months ago

    Austin, I absolutely love your energy. You’re enthusiasm is infectious. If it were anyone else, I’d skip over these vids entirely because I’m hopeless at maths. The only reason I enjoy these vids is because you are entertainment all on your own. I just sit back, relax, shut my eyes, and listen to you scream nonsense with epic symphonies blaring in the background. The chaos is soothing. And don’t let any of the sticks in the mud who complain about your voice concern you. They just need something to knickpick since they aren’t motivated or intelligent enough to make videos of their own. They’d probably be boring as dirt. Kudos to you, my friend. Go on screaming. It’s why I come back.

  • De Infamous

    De Infamous

     a months ago +1

    Dear Austin,

    I will summarize the title of this video in a very meme-like manner.
    "How does a fat Italian plumber get off the ground with merely a hat with some tiny wings?"

  • F.B.I Guy

    F.B.I Guy

     2 months ago

    Question if the wing is on marios hat how is mario holding on to the hat without his hands?????
    Is it like, inside his hat? And how is he balancing in that pose when it should be him looking up with his wings dragging him in the air???
    (Since he is so PHAT)