Top 5 ESP, Psychic, & Telekinesis Sightings Caught On Camera and In Real Life

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 30, 2018
  • Top 5 list of the the most compelling proof of psychic abilities caught on tape.

    Some strange demonstrations of psi abilities like ESP, telepathy, and other amazing psychic ability. Analysis of 5 supernatural sightings caught on camera and spotted in real life, including the story of Joe McMoneagle, whose wild ufo / alien psychic tale is confirmed by a declassified government document. Stella Lansing who had a lifetime of scary things caught on video and photographs. And a little boy named Luke, who claimed to be the reincarnation of a woman who perished in a Chicago fire. The top 5 esp, paranormal, and psi videos of the last 60 years!

    The declassified CIA document that proves Joe McMoneagle's story:

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  • wxwarrior76


     2 days ago

    Dj shocks people because we share an electric current. Ours much weaker of course. That's WY it's not measured by meter

  • Charlie Foxtrot

    Charlie Foxtrot

     5 days ago +1

    Reincarnation isn't real, some kids like myself grow up with extraordinary gifts that allow us to see things in the supernatural realm but it's nothing more than a gift of insight. This boy is able to see into Pam's life as if it was his own but he is misinterpreting his insight, we only have 1 body and it's for eternity.

  • ķęn ķąņeķī ØĞXŢ

    ķęn ķąņeķī ØĞXŢ

     6 days ago

    Shit the #2 was super weird

  • Doolin DoHDoH BiRDS

    Doolin DoHDoH BiRDS

     7 days ago

    Remote viewing can be scary, Because what happens to us in the future is fucked up.

  • andrew cairns

    andrew cairns

     7 days ago

    its 100% clearly not real haha

  • Anderre Flammarion

    Anderre Flammarion

     7 days ago

    We all can do these, we got to understand that Magnetism are the root of all these "super powers".

  • Jay jay pinky

    Jay jay pinky

     7 days ago +2

    I’ve had abilities all my life..... trust me there’s things in this world and universe ths science will never understand.........

  • Heavy Metal Kitten

    Heavy Metal Kitten

     7 days ago

    5 sounds like chanting

  • Nurse Terra

    Nurse Terra

     7 days ago

    These videos are AMAZING. I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL 🧞‍♀️ It's absolutely fascinating to think about this all being truth 💯

  • Sharman Mehra

    Sharman Mehra

     14 days ago

    Mob psycho 100

  • Inger Rogers

    Inger Rogers

     14 days ago

    Remote Viewing - I followed the link, I read the transcript, and it was interesting. In my opinion, the "SUB" WAS DEAD ON. If Remote Viewing is real, this guy told a "VERY" vivid story. I deemed what he was saying; the Universe is vast. We don't know what's out there now or from the past. The govt put their foot in it and got more than expected. His story was compelling.

  • CHBastard


     21 days ago

    The guy in indonesia is a pikachu in his past life

  • Apryl M

    Apryl M

     21 days ago

    He saw the Martians who came to Limeria. They killed their own planet (Mars) and came here for help. Then they royally fucked everything up because they had no empathy.

  • Юлия Зайцева

    Юлия Зайцева

     21 days ago

    Nina is liyer, i saw a programm about her.

  • Kristi


     21 days ago

    Wwooowwwww that is sooo cool

  • Azza Zak

    Azza Zak

     28 days ago

    DJ the fire bender

  • R. DeMora

    R. DeMora

     28 days ago

    As a kid I used to remote view all the goddamn time, sometimes from inanimate objects too. I remember how it always left me in awe every time I did it , but I never felt I had any control over it. It just happened at random.

  • ANIME Navit

    ANIME Navit

     1 months ago

    My super power is getting tired without doing anything.

  • AAK channel

    AAK channel

     1 months ago

    i am indonesian

  • Youtube Censors

    Youtube Censors

     1 months ago

    It's called evil, kid. Sometimes it's most effective if it appears to be beneficial. It's how we get fooled so often. Actually, that's the origin of our own relationship with evil.