DIY Salt-Water Survival Bottle (Compact Desalination Kit)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 13, 2019
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    In this video I show how to make a simple distillation kit from a water bottle that can be used to make fresh water from ocean water. Any steel container could work for this project. I almost used a small stainless steel food container, but decided a water bottle was a more practical object to carry.

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  • ludacris day

    ludacris day

     an hour ago

    And this survival tutorial is practical provided you have all your tools when your trying to survive and come up with something quick.

  • Michael Sumido

    Michael Sumido

     6 hours ago

    Very well presented and explained. Very much appreciated friend.

  • mark bowman

    mark bowman

     7 hours ago

    take a little mash with you.. and you can enjoy a bit of moonshine

  • Joshua Thompson

    Joshua Thompson

     11 hours ago

    Distillation also removes radiation or more precisely irradiated particles which emit radiation. Drinking distilled water has no negative effects. It's just expensive to create energy wise. I have been drinking distilled water exclusively for the last 8 years do to the poor quality of my local municipality. Untouched rain is basically distilled water with no mineral contaminants. No your cells wont explode, trust me I have heard it all. Nutrition comes from food not dirty water. Good luck guys.

    Edit: steam is always pure so the container doesn't matter. I would boil a few minutes first to remove the few compounds that have a lower boiling point than water. Home distillers do this automatically with a tiny hole.

  • Steve Seattle

    Steve Seattle

     16 hours ago

    The outlet should be the lowest part of that coil. The water would need to be pushed out by steam pressure the way it is now (If the coil is working correctly, there shouldn't be any pressure). Good idea, but could use improvement for sure.

  • Sylvester Bushcraft EN

    Sylvester Bushcraft EN

     16 hours ago

    Very Good video. Greetings from UK

  • Michael Ivie

    Michael Ivie

     19 hours ago

    This is my first time coming across this channel. Listening to his voice, I thought I was watching a JerryRigEverything video

  • Pradeep Yadav

    Pradeep Yadav

     20 hours ago

    Countries with large desert area where water is imported by other countries should use this idea of yours to purify sea water into drinking water they could sell these types of small gadgets to their citizens and supply them sea water which then they can purify at home for drinking

  • Vukašin Bosančić

    Vukašin Bosančić

     22 hours ago

    Jebeš preživljavanje ... staviš džibru u ovu flašu , jednu posudu sa hladnom vodom , i čekaš da izadje rakija !

  • Андрей Марченков

    Андрей Марченков


    Рюмашку самогона можно сообразить.

  • dyrectory com

    dyrectory com


    Thanks for this life saving desalination solution! 👏🏻

  • Barbara Flanigan

    Barbara Flanigan


    Wouldn't it be easier to just leave the ice bucket in the sun a coupe of hours and drink the pure ice melt?

  • Drew Romea

    Drew Romea


    Can I make it nuclear powered

  • rdooski


     yesterday +1

    Why did he drill the "vent" hole in the lid only to immediately seal it back up?

  • 12TribeTone



    Not practical at all

  • M Piper

    M Piper


    How much would you take for the bird?

  • Josef Saiedi

    Josef Saiedi


    god bless

  • redwolf0083



    For long term use, consider that Plumbers use dielectric unions when transitioning dissimilar metals.

  • BertranD Bell

    BertranD Bell


    Merci tu es trop fort

  • F Ft

    F Ft


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