DIY Lego Lockbox

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 6, 2018
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  • The King of Random

    The King of Random

     a years ago +202

    Thanks again to NordVPN for sponsoring, to start protecting yourself online and save 77% on their service, go to or use promo code "RANDOM" at checkout!

  • C?


     a years ago +520

    "To unlock the box, throw it against the wall."

  • Zac Douglas

    Zac Douglas

     10 months ago +55

    Thief gets frustrated and throws it on the ground...

  • Matthew Demaris

    Matthew Demaris

     a years ago +217

    Now ya gotta use resin and make it really secure XD

  • Aayush Shah

    Aayush Shah

     a years ago +158

    Here I am thinking I was cool as a kid with my big houses with legos

  • Lorenzo Villar

    Lorenzo Villar

     a years ago +529

    Put some gloves on jeez, theres children watching 😒

  • Zottjes


     a years ago +914

    Or just throw it on the ground and it's open :)

  • agaiing


     a years ago +41

    Do more Lego builds and make them super intricate! That was awesome!

  • Xxundefinedx X

    Xxundefinedx X

     a years ago +8

    Me: my brother will never find my things in here.
    Brother: throws it on the ground and finds everything

  • Nomadic Lynx

    Nomadic Lynx

     5 months ago +6

    Now you just have to spray it with flex-seal

  • Omar Soubhie

    Omar Soubhie

     a years ago +35

    Plasti dip vs vinyl, which is batter?

  • Jackie Daniels

    Jackie Daniels

     a years ago +228

    Can you make something from Legos and try to cast it in metal please
    It would be so cool

  • Kevin Xie

    Kevin Xie

     17 hours ago

    Why would gloves even be necessary for lego

  • Benjamin Baber

    Benjamin Baber

     a years ago +8

    or just take the bottom off!!!! da

  • iiTrickzter


     a years ago +5

    If you have kids who play with lego they will dismantle it or attempt to consume it

  • 2018 Student LEE ZI XU

    2018 Student LEE ZI XU

     3 months ago +3

    Strengths:Thiefs who love puzzles
    Weaknesses:Thiefs with a hammer

  • Lara Steffens

    Lara Steffens

     21 days ago +1

    Me: I wAnNa MaKe ThIs ReAlLy ReAlLy BaD!
    My Lego Collection: nonexistent

  • [Phantom Snake]

    [Phantom Snake]

     4 months ago +1

    Me: I can't make this
    5 min later

  • LeoCiosu Music

    LeoCiosu Music

     a years ago +14

    I swear I would buy it if you put that on sale... Its really cool actually..

  • emporer pikachu

    emporer pikachu

     a years ago +33

    You said wall so much I thought you were Donald Trump