TESLA STOLEN by HACKER in HAUNTED ABANDONED TOWN (Treasure Hunt Adventure Challenge)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 27, 2018
  • watch: HACKER CAUGHT ON CAMERA https://goo.gl/oqXh6i --~--
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    After FOUND CREEPY HIDDEN SECRET CONSPIRACY CODE MESSAGE on HAUNTED ABANDONED CASSETTE (MAP FOUND) and EXPLORING HAUNTED ABANDONED TOWN Searching for YOUTUBE HACKER Vy Qwaint and I followed the treasure map we found via the secret hidden message on the cassette that was inside the haunted treasure chest. If you remember, we discovered it with the metal detector in the abandoned desert. It was very scary. We think the place was haunted with a ghost at 3am. We solved puzzles and clues and used ninja gadgets, nerf and spy gadgets to help crack the code. It was like a backyard prison escape challenge. We found a big abandoned safe and a baby pond monster that looked like a dinosaur in real life. Someone stole our Tesla Model X and raced away with it. We hope it's Stephen Sharer, Carter Sharer, Lizzy Sharer, Papa Jake or another YouTuber playing a prank on us. Thank you for watching my comedy videos in 2018!

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  • Chad Wild Clay

    Chad Wild Clay

     a years ago +4360

    Happy Wednesday Ninjas! Who do you think stole the Tesla? #KickBump

  • Theresia Lie

    Theresia Lie

     44 minutes ago


  • Tiana Cleverley

    Tiana Cleverley

     2 hours ago

    Do you need some help or do you want me to help you

  • Pamela Batchelor

    Pamela Batchelor

     4 hours ago

    Sorry I forgot and I didn’t spelled right sorry

  • Pamela Batchelor

    Pamela Batchelor

     4 hours ago

    A person thought the ninja

  • Tashi Tenzing

    Tashi Tenzing

     7 hours ago

    Ve you forgot to close the Tesla and dropped the dragon blade

  • Diezel Ranger

    Diezel Ranger

     8 hours ago


  • Luke vuniwai

    Luke vuniwai

     10 hours ago

    I saw a hacker in the bush and gloves on a wooden block

  • Usman Mahmood

    Usman Mahmood

     20 hours ago

    Some one is filing you

  • Michelle Hunt

    Michelle Hunt

     20 hours ago

    yes i did see some poelp get vy key

  • Michelle Hunt

    Michelle Hunt

     20 hours ago

    yes i did

  • Ms Dot

    Ms Dot

     20 hours ago +1

    The hacker is in the back ground be hind the small pole

  • Debra Johnson

    Debra Johnson

     21 hours ago +1

    Hey Chad I have a Tesla Model X

  • Esperanza Ballon

    Esperanza Ballon

     22 hours ago


  • georgia Ann

    georgia Ann

     22 hours ago


  • SUKHMANI rathor

    SUKHMANI rathor

     22 hours ago

    I think It’s Justin

  • Almayasa Naser

    Almayasa Naser

     23 hours ago +3

    I saw someone behind the question I love being with you

  • Marten Rosin

    Marten Rosin

     23 hours ago

    It was daniel

  • Alyssa lopez

    Alyssa lopez


    I saw somebody in the woods.

  • qween maha

    qween maha

     yesterday +2

    When you are looking at the paper the haker took the kee