Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games - All Bosses (Rival Challenges)

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 11, 2017
  • A compilation of all of the Rival Challenges (bosses) in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. #Mario #MarioandSonic #Nintendo These are unlocked by playing London Party mode. If you are interested in more videos for this game, check out the playlist below.

    Mario & Sonic Playlist:

    All Bosses & Time Stamps

    00:01 - Dream Long Jump (Vs. Dry Bowser)
    02:20 - Dream Sprint (Vs. King Boo)
    03:57 - 100m Hurdles (Vs. Rouge)
    05:01 - Dream Discus (Vs. Jet)
    07:42 - Table Tennis - Singles (Vs. Dry Bones)
    11:13 - Dream Hurdles (Vs. Dry Bones)
    13:23 - Fencing - Epee (Vs. Eggman Nega)
    14:25 - Dream Fencing (Vs. Eggman Nega)
    16:14 - 100m Sprint (Vs. Omega)
    17:12 - 4 X 100 Meter Relay (Vs. Omega)
    18:48 - 100 Meter Freestyle Swimming (Vs. Birdo)
    20:08 - Badminton - Doubles (Vs. Birdo)
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  • John Mateo

    John Mateo


    my favorite is sonic vs mario

  • 88 j*

    88 j*

     2 days ago

    Win bowser😂😁😀

  • ほんだっぴ


     7 days ago


  • juan tops y juegos

    juan tops y juegos

     7 days ago


  • Carolina A. Zago

    Carolina A. Zago

     14 days ago


  • Brady Crabtree

    Brady Crabtree

     14 days ago

    We all know the game really meant Eggman Nigga

  • Sercan Tezcan

    Sercan Tezcan

     14 days ago


  • Jaden Louise

    Jaden Louise

     21 days ago


  • Louisa Bettahar

    Louisa Bettahar

     21 days ago


  • William Ovington

    William Ovington

     a months ago

    What about Gooper Blooper and Dino Piranha? They aren't rival challenges, but they're technically still bosses.

  • BitchChill


     a months ago

    Eggman Nigga

  • Marie Christine Moray

    Marie Christine Moray

     a months ago


  • Samuel S

    Samuel S

     a months ago

    Sorry P2

  • Tara Watkins

    Tara Watkins

     a months ago +2

    When I first watched this I was like dry bowser is to bad but bowser isn’t that bad

    But then

    Me when I knew I was wrong: oh

  • leandro garcia

    leandro garcia

     a months ago +1


  • David Jeavons

    David Jeavons

     a months ago

    Go bowser . Boo dry bowser

  • Marie Christine Moray

    Marie Christine Moray

     a months ago


  • MuirCP


     a months ago

    i miss this game so much

  • Squeaky Chicken HD

    Squeaky Chicken HD

     a months ago +1

    I'd play this game for ages in 2015

  • Weed star

    Weed star

     a months ago

    Vfdsir. Zrh cyslkp