WATCH What Molten Metal Does to SLIME

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 14, 2019
  • Today we're taking some slime and molten aluminum to see what happens when the two combine.

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  • Carmine Russo

    Carmine Russo

     2 days ago

    Does it look like a date palm seed made in the desert?

  • Carmine Russo

    Carmine Russo

     2 days ago

    You might need a real powerful flame thrower blow torch to Obliterate a living creature if it comes to life.

  • Carmine Russo

    Carmine Russo

     2 days ago

    Be careful not to create the Blob.

  • Carmine Russo

    Carmine Russo

     2 days ago

    Is it possible to use slime as a coolant for a much more residual unit? Can it be reconfigured with different properties?

  • treos2


     3 days ago

    hmmm... i just had an idea... could this kind of slime have a use in forging metal or other materials into certain shapes? like, in helping keep the molten material more stable and less likely to break during the cooling process.

    maybe not with metal but perhaps with other materials?

  • Chaitali Ghosh

    Chaitali Ghosh

     4 days ago +1

    7:30 looks like a comet or meteorite or something else

  • tenderapple 1

    tenderapple 1

     5 days ago

    Can you so this again with color changing glue, glitter glue, glow in the dark, silly putty, silly putty, kinesthetic sand, moon dust in mixed forms of all of this. Oh and can you mix in powderd meat and see if it makes it smell better? Put in spices and hurbs. See if you can cook with molten metal. No you dont have to eat the food, although if you could figure out a way of cooking a steak with molten metal where you could still eat it in the end that would be really neat.

  • Connor Smith

    Connor Smith

     7 days ago

    You should put molten in frozen slime.

  • SpiritDrxgon xx

    SpiritDrxgon xx

     7 days ago


  • Peta Drummond

    Peta Drummond

     14 days ago

    Calli: umm it's on fire

  • Elijah Sanders

    Elijah Sanders

     21 days ago

    Wood burn

  • Elijah Sanders

    Elijah Sanders

     21 days ago

    We need you to Woodbury things

  • Sr Cacfish gaming

    Sr Cacfish gaming

     21 days ago

    put slime in the foundry

  • xD4RKJ3D1x


     21 days ago

    Molten metal poured into oobleeck ?

  • tylerhall818


     a months ago

    Calli’s next March shirt “you should poke it with a stick”

  • Lisa Farrell

    Lisa Farrell

     a months ago

    molten lava and spra
    y paint

  • 설하랑


     a months ago

    looks like a meteor strike

  • SlickLikeNinja


     a months ago

    Make a cleanup compilation video of how you take care of the messes you all make.

  • kim lightfoot

    kim lightfoot

     a months ago

    Have you put the slime into the Vacuum sealer yet??

  • David Sharlot

    David Sharlot

     a months ago

    Can you make kinetic sand yourself.