A Guitar Genius Girl Playing Guitar So Fast - People Got Shocked!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 16, 2017
  • 기타 장하은의 미친 기타 속주 연주를 보았습니다.
    1차공연 - 신촌 차없는 거리
  • Source: https://youtu.be/Oj8rlJicDy8


  • 댓글알바


     3 hours ago

    얼굴까지 이뻐~ 미래의 글로벌 스타예약! 이미 스탄가요? ㅎㅎ

  • Beverly Jackson

    Beverly Jackson

     6 hours ago

    Amazing, all of you! Beautiful!!!

  • Richard May

    Richard May

     7 hours ago


  • 나이름


     9 hours ago

    분명 우리나라 영상인데...계속 외국어댓글이다..
    보기만하는데도 손가락끝이 아프다..얼마나연습한걸까.


  • Rick Newman

    Rick Newman

     10 hours ago

    Their in the middle of the street shouldn't the Chinese police be shooting them with mace and rubber bullets, and beating them with clubs.

  • gibsondrummer


     10 hours ago

    Not impressed at all

  • Mike Dacey

    Mike Dacey

     10 hours ago

    She’s playing flamingo and the man yes the man is playing lead . And fast go look up al dimiola. Paco de Lucia John mcglaulin on an album midnight in San Francisco now that’s fast idiots

  • Alex Playz

    Alex Playz

     11 hours ago

    If that girl was me my finger would be chopped off

  • Alain REMI

    Alain REMI

     12 hours ago

    I would have enjoyed sub-titles for the 1st minute 🤯 The rest was 100% enjoyable 😁😁😁

  • DXG4089


     13 hours ago

    This is a cover song. Original played by rodrigo and gabriela. Go watch them. Gabriela plays way better and faster and more insane than the chinese girl in this video.

  • Realistic Views

    Realistic Views

     13 hours ago

    Follow The Whiter Rabbit

    YOU SAID : " Why do these Asians sound Mexican ???

    Dingling----Ignorant----Dingle-berry , you must 've been cutting school All Your Life. That is why you speak with Pure----Ignorance + Pure----Dingle-berry........YOU must Learn About The Origin Of The Mexican People And The Meaning Of The Word MEX , In Mexican.

    Then after that , Learn the Origin of the Significant----Half of the Mexicans........as to Where That Significant----Half Came From And How They Came To Mexico........Dingling----Dingle-berry.

  • Rick Conner

    Rick Conner

     17 hours ago

    Playing Guitar Fast in no way makes you a genius or even good. There is no shortage of fast guitarist, only really great ones.

  • Hector Betancourt

    Hector Betancourt

     18 hours ago

    If I don’t have anything nice to say, I say nothing...

  • Skylark Myself

    Skylark Myself

     22 hours ago

    dang shes good out a lot of white boys to shame ...just sayin shes good

  • Chickedee Dee

    Chickedee Dee


    I think the title is wrong, it's the guy on the left who is actually playing the guitar fast.




    music major students? the skill is very high..

  • 구독매일눌러요구독매일눌러요



    20번 밖에 있는건 안보이게 해주세요

  • Paul J Critchfield III

    Paul J Critchfield III


    Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave Brady

    Dave Brady


    She is enjoying life

  • theoriginalmungaman



    She talks even faster!