Beta64 - Super Mario Galaxy with guest Scott the Woz!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 27, 2019
  • Learn how Super Mario 128 turned into one of the greatest Mario games of all time: Super Mario Galaxy! Plus, get a look at early planets, scrapped enemies, and more!


    See MORE changes in Super Mario Galaxy's footage here:

    Thanks to everyone who helped make this video amazing!
    Scott the Woz:
    Masae Anela:
    Intro made by AMetalPenguin:


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  • Beta64


     4 months ago +1386

    I'm baaaack! I really hope you all enjoy the video! :D
    Let me know what the most interesting thing you learned from the video in the comments below!
    And also, if you want more Beta64 Mario Time, check out my video on Super Mario Odyssey!

  • Average Wizard

    Average Wizard


    i’m sure it’s been pointed out already, but “MiniTrilegExLv2” or whatever probably referred to the smaller boss version of megaleg from galaxy 2, where you have to drill into a cage on the bottom of it to reach the star. if i remember correctly that boss only had 2 legs though, so maybe the idea was reused in galaxy 2, but it’s always possible that boss fight was planned for the original galaxy.

  • Luigi_82


     2 days ago

    great vid

  • Phoenix Carroll

    Phoenix Carroll

     2 days ago

    anyone else realize that one of the sounds is from super mario 64

  • Caleb McIntosh

    Caleb McIntosh

     3 days ago

    40:16 or planet popstar?

  • Brayden Kisling

    Brayden Kisling

     4 days ago


  • The Spectacular

    The Spectacular

     5 days ago

    The burning in lava noise was from Super Mario 64

  • Stupid Memes Official

    Stupid Memes Official

     7 days ago

    I was waiting for this.

  • PowerRedStar


     7 days ago

    38:44 is unused plants, Beta64 deleted my original comment!

  • ChickennNougatt


     7 days ago

    when you said to grab some popcorn I was really tempted but I was just about to eat dinner.

  • space_artist_4real


     7 days ago

    33:13 Oh hai No man's sky promotional material REEEE

    lol wut

  • AniMerrill


     7 days ago

    Eldstar from Mario Party 5, huh?

    There's even the star wand here which would seem to have some neat trivia attached to it. I wonder if there's some game that has both Eldstar and the Star Wand?

  • Crystal Coretto

    Crystal Coretto

     7 days ago

    The lava sound that Mario makes in the beta is half mario 64 with ha ha ha ha ha

  • TheSuperMarioGamer // Angry Birds Blogs

    TheSuperMarioGamer // Angry Birds Blogs

     7 days ago

    Can you do these betas:
    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Super Mario Maker 2
    Super Mario Galaxy 2
    Super Mario 3D World
    Super Mario 3D Land
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

  • Neko isla

    Neko isla

     7 days ago

    Wait eldstar from Mario party you mean paper Mario 64 right

  • Woomy Dayz

    Woomy Dayz

     7 days ago

    Omg, it’s taken me way too long to beat this game. Mario Galaxy was actually my childhood game. I got the game because I had the soundtrack, it was bundled with my Wii but it’s actually a really fun game. I’m on the toy galaxy right now. Let’s hope eventually I’ll beat it.

  • SuperSanicSpeed


     7 days ago

    He went from generic epic meme man that the internet is full of nowadays.

    To our mentor, who teaches us about the great history that these games went through to become what they are today.
    Excellent work on improving from criticism in the right way.

  • Jacob Beauchamp

    Jacob Beauchamp

     7 days ago

    16:07 The HAHAHAHAHAAAAA seems to be from Mario 64

  • Jacob Beauchamp

    Jacob Beauchamp

     7 days ago +1

    11:49 Didn't we all, except I lost my copy and found it later, but everytime I booted up Battlerock Galaxy, the game would say the disc was scratched(which it was,) and then it would sort of crash

  • Jack Evans

    Jack Evans

     7 days ago

    11:48 is it sad that what he said is true in my case