New Super Mario Bros. U 100% Speedrun in 3:28:35 (Former World Record)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 28, 2013
  • World Record from 09/27/2013 to 04/14/2019, lasting for over 5 1/2 years before being beaten. At the time, beating the old World Record by 4 minutes and 19 seconds. Timing starts from navigating to 1-1 and ends as soon as the 'You have cleared Story Mode' message pops up.

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  • Mr Biscuits

    Mr Biscuits

     7 days ago

    My favourite part was when he played the game

  • Flipacube


     7 days ago +1

    I beat super Mario bros wii in 40 minutes

  • claudete prado

    claudete prado

     a months ago

    O no prinses peach andi castie browser hepl



     a months ago +1

    18:16 I have never been triggered ever in my life.

  • Laylony and Cokino

    Laylony and Cokino

     a months ago

    10:47 “yo momma”

  • Nodnarb


     a months ago

    I woke up to this at 1:32:09

  • Water Sheep

    Water Sheep

     a months ago

    Thuis not a world record fake

  • Monserrat Villegas

    Monserrat Villegas

     a months ago

    I completed the whole thing too but is was super luigi X as nabbit

  • AntiBoomer Ok

    AntiBoomer Ok

     a months ago

    The game can be beaten like just 20 mins over an hour plz attempt

  • NKA Intern

    NKA Intern

     a months ago


  • Alerted Dragon

    Alerted Dragon

     a months ago

    Lol its not your wr because its tas so it doesnt counted...

  • Carl Eickhoff Haarmark Nielsen

    Carl Eickhoff Haarmark Nielsen

     a months ago


  • Gabbe GG

    Gabbe GG

     2 months ago +2

    I like how he so smootlhy flied through Pendulum Castle when it took me ab 3 hours and alot of rage to the point of tears :’)

  • Jell0 Mell0

    Jell0 Mell0

     2 months ago +2

    This is the only speed runner who doesn’t skip all the star coins and just goes through 3 worlds.

  • Fortnite Ed Gamer

    Fortnite Ed Gamer

     2 months ago

    How’s he swin like that?? Hacker??.

  • Fortnite Ed Gamer

    Fortnite Ed Gamer

     2 months ago

    Ohhhhhhh they disliked because he sacrificed yoshi!!!! That’s the point of speed running. It would have slowed him down

  • Fortnite Ed Gamer

    Fortnite Ed Gamer

     2 months ago

    What’s with dislikes man?? This was good and took a lot of time. So if you think you can just waist his time you are dead wrong

  • Mr Luigi

    Mr Luigi

     2 months ago

    Nice job dude!👍

  • Ender Kai X

    Ender Kai X

     2 months ago

    I'm actually surprised..How did Mario get famous for this?..So people are saying Mario's games are better than Sonic's games? Wow. I'm not trying to be rude but..this just seems boring..

  • anamenot


     2 months ago

    This video had 1,000 comments before I killed it