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  • Natalie De Guzman

    Natalie De Guzman

     1 months ago +1030

    this first act is my brain during a test
    edit: wow thanks for the likes!!!! :):):):) this is the first time i’ve seen this too!

  • Game with Rich

    Game with Rich

     1 months ago +1486

    Her at 10:writ songs and sing with an amazing voice
    Me at 10:close the fridge slowly to see if the light will turn off

  • Timothy Moore

    Timothy Moore

     2 months ago +917

    That 10 year old girl gave me goosebumps, such power in here voice. Amazing she needs to be signed
    Edit: thanks for the likes, this is the first time I’ve ever had more than 5.

  • FREiZ T.V.

    FREiZ T.V.

     1 months ago +363

    The little boy was still stuck in the bin 😭😂😂🤣🤣

  • Nice Nice

    Nice Nice

     1 months ago +743

    She had a whole triangle A TRIANGLE the instrument as an earring and only in ONE EAR

  • Josh Rivera

    Josh Rivera

     1 months ago +246

    I'm a teacher and a soccer coach, obviously neither one pays great, but the smiles and genuine love that I get from my players and students is payment enough. God bless that teacher.

  • GamerPlayer 'Gerry

    GamerPlayer 'Gerry

     2 months ago +547

    Guy: Im a comedian&my target is u simon
    Janitor:good luck 😏
    Simon actually likes it and gden buzzer
    Janitor: Surprised Pikachu face

  • Crazy Guy

    Crazy Guy

     1 months ago +270

    Am I the only person that gets triggered when the gold confetti is on the right and the left but everybody is in the middle not in the confetti at all
    Or is it just me. Like if u are the same. Lol

  • Lilly Da Pineapple

    Lilly Da Pineapple

     2 months ago +4273

    The first act was so random and adorable and just amazing
    I wish I did that when i was younger

  • Y u i n a

    Y u i n a

     1 months ago +288

    David talking,
    Alisha: Ah forget this! Presses golden buzzer

  • top secret

    top secret

     1 months ago +225

    We call doctors " Life savers" but the truth is even doctors couldn't become doctors if it was not because of the "Teachers ".
    Respect 🙏🙏🙏

  • Paola Diaz

    Paola Diaz

     1 months ago +196

    That's a real good teacher he deserves the best of life.

  • Dr. Hawey

    Dr. Hawey

     1 months ago +192

    When that one Indian did the splits I was like HOLY SH**

  • Fakehope Gaming

    Fakehope Gaming

     2 months ago +8189

    Those dislikes are probably from the janitors who cleaned the confetties 😂

  • G Lea it

    G Lea it

     1 months ago +66

    Y is no one talking abt chapter 13?

  • verzache


     5 days ago +14

    The kid in the trash bin is my last brain cell when I’m trying to study

  • Nas나스


     1 months ago +161

    Did you realize the golden buzzer wasnt for the kids but for the teacher?

  • Favour Benson

    Favour Benson

     7 days ago +67

    The first one had me in tears, everyone needs a teacher like him

  • RoekelozeKonkelaar69


     2 months ago +1736

    Kid: gets bumped on the ground
    Amanda: ahahahhahahhahahhhahahaha

  • Kevin Love

    Kevin Love

     14 days ago +56

    That young boy band was fantastic. They should have albums. I would buy their music