ITZY - DALLA DALLA Line Distribution (Color Coded)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 10, 2019
  • What is the line distribution like for ITZY's debut song Dalla Dalla?Twitter : : the video if you enjoyedCOMMENT for any video suggestions or requests~SUBSCRIBE for more content just like this ^^Song: DALLA DALLA (달라달라)Artist: ITZY (있지)#ITZY #DALLADALLA #LINEDISTRIBUTIONITZY Line DistributionDALLA Line DistributionITZY DALLA DALLA Line Distribution
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  • Krysuna

     5 months ago

    Ryujin only has 12 seconds of lines, but she did have a lot of screen time in teaser and probably in this M/V also so I don’t it matters. she’s also the most popular

  • lil meow meow

     6 days ago

    @pinkeu milkeu so it be faurIf it is true i will idolized JYP but i cant because i already did

  • Kawaii San

     7 days ago

    It used to be Ryujin predebut, but now it's Yeji internationally and Yuna in Korea.

  • Rosie Park

     5 months ago

    *_Yeji and Lia are the Jihyo and Nayeon of Itzy_*

  • Vivian De'Raj

     12 hours ago

    And Chaeryeong is the Jeongyeon of this group

  • girl BYE!

     12 days ago

    Lia? Sis...she’s an amazing vocalist but lacks stability CLEARLY u don’t need an MR Removed to hear that she’s struggling with stability. I think maybe if the choreo wasn’t so hard babygirl would’ve SNAPPED! Besides, they’re just rookies so I don’t think it’s right to compare any other them to Twice which has been on the scene for a while now

  • kpop stuffs

     5 months ago

    the devil works hard but hexa6on works harder quality content as always

  • Aneeza Mazhar

     22 days ago

    U got 2.3k LIKES DUDE............ IM GONNA LIKE TOO 😂😂

  • alain

     5 months ago

    ....i am the 666th likes .. no kidding..

  • Paprika

     5 months ago

    Before everyone complaining about the line distribution of their FIRST song, Let them breathe, this is their debut. And honestly, every member shine in the MV, Ryujin is the center, she begins the song and she has a dance break at the middle so it's pretty fair ^^

  • Jenna Tieu

     2 days ago

    Paprika yea but she got the third most center time

  • Shin Yuna

     16 days ago

    @Enorj DALLA DALLA is whatever ITZY's debut, you can't change that sweetie....

  • blvckvelvet

     5 months ago

    Is anyone realize that there's someone doing the highnote adlibs in the background at the last chorus? I guess it's Lia?

  • Twice Latino

     2 months ago

    Is Yeji, is strange because get adlibs in her part 😂

  • Maulvi Nurhakim

     4 months ago

    blvckvelvet oh sorry i thought u were meaning the dalla dalla dalla at the beginning

  • bkgirly

     5 months ago

    yeji is the new nayeon and jinyoung

  • Shalewa Koleowo

     1 months ago

    Not really bc this group is dalla bc in want it yeji only gets one line and rujin and chearyoung gets the most lines (tbh the deserve it). When I saw dalla I was like yeji is gonna be the new nayon but want it didn’t show that

  • Chesterrific

     2 months ago

    well ryujin can too :)

  • Drunk Mint

     5 months ago

    Where my Yuna, Lia stans at?!??!

  • thegreatsoil

     3 days ago

    Lia is my bias! 🧡❤️💖💜💓💕

  • Itxchy Pie

     5 days ago

    Drunk Mint here

  • T_T

     5 months ago

    Yeji catches my eye

  • Timeless

     3 months ago


  • Twice Velvet

     5 months ago

    Yes, she is my bias

  • Jessica Elisabeth

     5 months ago

    my god jyp was quick to pull this video, hopefully it won't be removed now.. thank you so much for updating!

  • Alif Ridhuan

     3 months ago


  • Pinku Pinku

     5 months ago

    I love my girl Yeji! Is so beautiful. Fighting ITZYFighting JYP

  • Nikile NCTzen

     5 months ago

    Yes yeji👏😍