NFL “Karma” Moments || HD

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 27, 2019
  • NFL “Karma” Moments || HD
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  • TankTheFurry


     5 hours ago

    5:03 I like how he got past everyone but the kicker was the one that stopped him

  • Gregg


     7 hours ago

    Juju is the best

  • Soap MacTavish

    Soap MacTavish

     18 hours ago

    That play made Juju my favorite player in the NFL

  • Daniel J. Luna

    Daniel J. Luna

     20 hours ago

    This video is NOT about ‘Karma’ but about LIFE GOING ABOUT ITS BUSINESS. No such thing as karma

  • Brennen Samuelsen

    Brennen Samuelsen

     21 hours ago

    He's wearing number 15 on defense 😂

  • jruch314



    Every single one of these guys look like douchebags

  • David Kearney

    David Kearney


    half of these weren’t even karma

  • Gabe Agca

    Gabe Agca


    Juju defending AB, only for the latter to lash out at him later on

  • Justin Smear

    Justin Smear


    Huh you'd think the Steve Largent decleating hit would be on this.




    The announcers are pussies

  • J. Guzman

    J. Guzman



  • Sarah Triceratop

    Sarah Triceratop


    AB hit was in Wild Card game in Jan 2016 - more than a year before Juju was drafted, Juju hit Burfict in same game where Shazier was paralyzed in late 2017. Know your NFL facts.

  • Wendell Akers

    Wendell Akers


    Karma sure is something. Ask Juju how he feels right now

  • TTV_beast456 Beast456

    TTV_beast456 Beast456


    I love ju ju

  • Jonathan Grant

    Jonathan Grant

     2 days ago

    Juju's a real nigga😂

  • Parker Shelp

    Parker Shelp

     2 days ago

    Tyreek hill is so much better than Ramsey

  • Sam Kolb

    Sam Kolb

     2 days ago

    I don't think getting injured after celebrating a big play is 'karma'...

  • Kyle Wojciechowski

    Kyle Wojciechowski

     3 days ago +1

    Commentators are fucking pussies they obviously had know idea what happened in the last meeting, the are a bunch a stupid fucks and don’t understand what “backing up your teammate means” what a bunch of uneducated fucking pricks!!!!!

  • klgonz


     3 days ago

    Life makes no sense.

    Play good, hard, dangerous, football = fine ACL

    Jump up and land on your feet one time = ACL DESTROYED

    Literally happened to me accept luckily just my ankle. Long night of practice and fooling around, yet I jump up one time on the sidewalk and boom.

  • Micobot Gaming

    Micobot Gaming

     3 days ago

    Lol who won with that 18 seconds left