♪ BLACK PANTHER THE MUSICAL - Animated Parody Song

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    Movie Musicals #40: Black Panther The Musical
    T'Challa never freezes, and that's why he raps so well while kicking butts.

    ►Script, Song, Vocals by Lhugueny
    ►Vocals and Co-produced by WDi_40
    ► Animation by HerbalToons


    Verse 1: (T'Challa)
    Extract Nakia while she's undercover,
    She used to be my secret sexy lover.
    I want her to see the mighty ceremony,
    Where I defeat M'Baku, so the king I'll be.

    Chorus: (Nakia)
    T'Challa's capable of leading Wakanda.
    Vibranium's in his blood cause he's Black Panther.

    Verse 2: (Klaue)
    Help this boy steal an artifact,
    Want more Vibraneum than what I've already jacked.
    Captured by the Panther and the CIA,
    Til Killmonger saves my arse, it makes my day.

    Panther's daddy T'Chaka killed my pops in cold blood,
    Fended for myself all alone in da hood.
    Kill this bitch Klaue to prove myself to my peeps,
    Then I throw T'Challa's a** off a waterfall
    that's steep.

    T'Challa's capable of leading Wakanda.
    Vibranium's in his blood cause he's Black Panther.

    (Verse 3) T'Challa
    Kept alive by the Jabari because I saved M'Baku's life,
    Healed by my lover's herbs, now stop Killmonger I must try.
    Stop his plan to distribute our weapons all around the world,
    Vibranium is not a toy to give to underprivileged boys and girls.

    Fight W'Kabi's army with the help of all my loyal clans,
    While my CIA homeboy Ross shoots down all the weapon distributions.
    Down in the mines, disrupt my cousin's suit and stab him in the belly,
    Then watch the sunset together while he dies, he told me that he's ready.

    T'Challa's capable of leading Wakanda.
    Vibranium's in his blood cause he's Black Panther.

    Cause he's Black Panther,
    Killmonger must answer,
    For his poor actions,
    Faced T'Challa's reaction.
    Black Panther's reaction...

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    (c) 2018 Lhugueny
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