50 Cent Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED



  • DOJ


     a years ago +3754

    "Unfortunately I didn't have time for college I was... Busy"

  • Johnny


     11 months ago +2366

    Still find it crazy how he outlived those 9 shots

  • Keith Miller Jr

    Keith Miller Jr

     1 months ago +551

    What is 50 Cent's name in Zimbabwe?
    400 Million Dollar Man.

  • Aarie_beauty101


     a years ago +1630

    I love his personality 😂💀 he’s so chill

  • Vince V

    Vince V

     a years ago +1980

    He’s left handed? Well so am I. Every night

  • Hilde S

    Hilde S

     a years ago +6014

    He actually answered a lot compared to the other guests. He seems like such a sweet guy.

  • T Y P E - B E A T

    T Y P E - B E A T

     10 months ago +659

    I wish there would have been a question like "Is 50 cent enough to buy M&M's"

  • Jose Davila

    Jose Davila

     a years ago +731

    For the record, he is 42 yo, my dawg ages well I guess lol

  • Blaze Gamma

    Blaze Gamma

     a years ago +247

    >is 50 cent a nice guy
    nobody wants beef with 50 cent, not even 50 cent.

  • Absinthe


     5 months ago +435

    If 50 cent had a twin, would they be called a dollar?

  • BlackEmpress


     a years ago +434

    50cent reacted so differently to the question asking if he was Jamaican in comparison to Haitian

  • Brett F.

    Brett F.

     2 months ago +178

    THIS Is how you answer questions. Short, sweet and to the point.

  • Thompter S. Hunson

    Thompter S. Hunson

     4 months ago +203

    "With women you may die a million deaths"
    Wisely said, brother. Wisely said.

  • Seyi Oyetade

    Seyi Oyetade

     a years ago +964

    I noticed he was left handed since the movie of get rich or die trying

  • Tony, The Stark

    Tony, The Stark

     a years ago +1056

    "Is 50 Cent a nice guy? Absolutely. I love 50 Cent!"

  • not_mustafa


     11 months ago +477

    You didn’t event vitamin water?
    I’ve been lied to my whole life

  • Wu Tang Klan

    Wu Tang Klan

     1 months ago +26

    “Is 50 Cent a nice guy” yeah, unless you owe him money.

  • LIL EM

    LIL EM

     1 months ago +30

    Wired can you get Eminem on here please? 🙏🙏🙏

  • Waylon Jones

    Waylon Jones

     a years ago +331

    0:05 lol

  • HalfFeathers !

    HalfFeathers !

     a years ago +312

    Get the strap 🔫😡