WS1988 Gm1: Scully's call of Gibson memorable at-bat

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 21, 2016
  • 10/15/88: Vin Scully calls Kirk Gibson's full at-bat that finishes with a legendary walk-off homer during Game 1 of the World Series

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  • MrFlyboy1313


     an hour ago

    What makes this moment so special was the fact that he wasn’t even supposed to get dressed into uniform for the game. None of the medical staff wanted him to play, his knee was so bad. I knew Mike Davis in the the summer of 2003 and he shared a few stories from before the game. Kurt was in terrible pain but being brave and not looking weak in front of the other players. He was the veteran leader of the team and was going to act like it no matter how much it hurt. He was in the trainers room flat on his back with both legs elevated trying to rest and demanding cortisone shots to get him at least dressed and on the bench but,he wasn’t ready in time for the introductions. He sat on the bench near Lasorda telling him that he maybe can’t run but, he still had two arms to hit with. At least he could maybe drive a runner home if Tommy needed a hitter to replace the pitcher with a better batter late in the game. It was as if Gibson could feel this moment coming that night. They say sometimes a person can just will something into happening in the future. The power of positive thinking 🤔

  • Alfredo Galvez

    Alfredo Galvez

     an hour ago


  • daboys1215


     2 hours ago

    31 years ago. Unbelievable how time flies by.

  • Gacha Lover7!

    Gacha Lover7!

     5 hours ago +1

    If only it can happen once more 😢😔

  • s lim

    s lim

     8 hours ago

    2k dislike must be Oakland A's fan.

  • Kelly Anastasia

    Kelly Anastasia

     15 hours ago

    "Sax waiting on deck, but the game right now is at the plate." Vin Scully, thank you for those historically great 10 minutes of sports broadcasting you gave us on NBC that night. I would literally pay money to hear this.

  • Milton Jasso

    Milton Jasso

     17 hours ago +1

    Oct. 2019 , still love this video !!!

  • Pepper Grinder

    Pepper Grinder

     17 hours ago

    As a Tiger fan I remember him hitting home runs in the 84 series.

  • Steven Leon

    Steven Leon

     17 hours ago

    Bring back lasorda maybe the doyers will win one again

  • Phil Montejano

    Phil Montejano

     19 hours ago

    Haven't won a world series since 88'
    Go GIANTS!

  • Kal Kush

    Kal Kush


    I remember my twin brother and I were 7 years old at this time. Baseball was everything to us. Growing up in Daytona Beach and fortunate enough that the grandparents and city my parents grew up in Satellite Beach was an hour south of us and only 20 minutes from Vero Beach! Every year my dad took us to Dodger-Town to watch Spring Training. I happen to be selected to go on the field before the game with few other kids and remember meeting Tommy Lasorda and remember seeing Kirk Gibson storm off the field pissed off about something... It just stayed with me my whole life... Besides seeing my hero Ozzie Smith do his running backflip in St. Louis running onto the field, the trips to Dodger-Town Spring Training every year till they left is a memory no one can take!

  • monica93304 brown

    monica93304 brown


    That was an iconic moment. All of the romance and heartbreak that the game has came down to that at bat. Vinnie painted a picture that Picasso would've been envious of. Even though my heart has ached for 31 years now, at least I can say that this is still one of the top 5 moments in baseball history.

  • Gene jordan

    Gene jordan


    they certainly celebrated differently / today they would all be on the ground jumping on a pile

  • Fender Guitars

    Fender Guitars


    HE hit that with one ARM ?? his left hand comes off the bat before the ball hits,.. !!!

  • mikejvasquez76


     yesterday +1

    I'll never forget this game. This was my first world series I've ever watched. I was 11 at the time. What a great game.

  • Dr. Spleen

    Dr. Spleen

     yesterday +1

    he never touched 2nd base

  • Ben Smith

    Ben Smith

     yesterday +1

    What was actually wrong with his legs?

  • JacobPrada 420

    JacobPrada 420

     yesterday +1

    Gibson had Baseball swag

  • Richard Duncan

    Richard Duncan

     yesterday +1

    Nick Dun can

  • Butch Jones

    Butch Jones

     yesterday +2

    Didn’t see it live but I saw 3,983 replays....this makes 3, 1st base a skinny mark mcgwire