Solar Scorcher -- Tests heating water

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 12, 2013
  • Solar scorcher that I finished building. Fresnel lens came from a free, 50" Toshiba rear projection TV. Framed up with 2x2, but I still need to build an adjustable table in order to place things within focus of the lens, or near focus, depending on the application.

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  • Dipti Bala

    Dipti Bala

     2 years ago

    hi very amazing and interesting reminded school days . can i use mirror for cooking dessert.

  • Mick Gatz

    Mick Gatz

     2 years ago

    i Liked your practical uses with the 'Fractal Lense'.... :)
    Grant's Version is rather extreme, but demonstrates it's full potential.
    Thankyou for your video. It was very informative.

  • Edward Owens

    Edward Owens

     2 years ago

    The hottest the water is going to get is 212 with it being an open system. Steam is taking the energy away with it.

  • Victor Meliveo

    Victor Meliveo

     3 years ago

    Hello! Im very interested to buy a big fresnel lens. Im looking for a flexible one, with around 1mx1m size. Its not gonna be used in solar issues, instead Ill film a video with the lens creating visual effects.
    Can anyone give me some information?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Sven


     3 years ago +1

    Heat is escaping through the hole used to pour the water out. Try a pressure cooker so that energy from inside cannot get out.

  • Morten Skogly

    Morten Skogly

     4 years ago +1

    Like the frame design

  • linuxxxunil


     4 years ago

    some ting wong.  greenpowerscience is melting steel with one of these fresnel lenses and yours is barely boiling water?

  • Jaime Perez

    Jaime Perez

     5 years ago

    I wonder about the other vids, the screws and other objects were melted so easily and reaching over 2000 degrees?  Was it a factor of the distance to the Object as well as the lens magnification?  I'm sure he uses a spot lens, now I wonder about the magnification?

  • triumphmanful


     5 years ago +2

    Be careful! I  made one of these from a TV magnifier lens and went inside to get some stuff. I got delayed and when I went out my deck was on fire! Very dangerous !  Never, ever leave these things unattended! FYI

  • Shoc Trooper

    Shoc Trooper

     5 years ago

    Hey there, I'm looking to build one of these too, what would you say is the max temp you can get out of your setup on a good sunny day?