Everything GREAT About How To Train Your Dragon!

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 12, 2016
  • Pete's Dragon is out and after watching Jeremy yell at Chris throughout that video I'm glad I chose How to Train Your Dragon for this week. Not a movie many didn't like, but here's everything right with How to Train Your Dragon anyway. Next week very large things.

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  • Geekster


     10 hours ago

    not a pilot but I have been apart of the aviation for 3 years now, can confirm!

  • Pippin Finn Art

    Pippin Finn Art

     17 hours ago

    As someone who played SoD (School of Dragons, a HTTYD computer game) that had a lot of music in the same theme as the movies, I can tell you how absolutely gorgeous it was. I don't play SoD anymore as it was a 3D game that my computer just could not handle, but I really miss the score, it was simply incredible.

    I actually just looked it up to see if you can find the score on YouTube and apparently all the music is from Riders of Berk. I can find some of the music online but not all, if anyone has a copy of the track for the Berk Docks, please let me know, it's so nostalgic and I really miss playing that game even though I don't remember a whole lot about it.

  • Kate Carlisle Vlogs

    Kate Carlisle Vlogs

     17 hours ago

    everything great about httyd:
    points n shit

    everything great about httyd:
    literally everything

  • mani firsofminame

    mani firsofminame

     4 days ago

    :( Mercy is not cowardice :'(

  • CogsAndGlimmers


     4 days ago

    Honestly, if you want more gobber entertainment, try the Wii game! It's pretty fun, and is really just a dragon arena game.

  • XxJRDH13xX :P

    XxJRDH13xX :P

     5 days ago

    You missed the fact when fighting the red death they aimed for the wings so they'd break up when trying to parachute

  • The Arbiter

    The Arbiter

     5 days ago

    1 million wins for nostalgia

  • I'm part of too many fandoms

    I'm part of too many fandoms

     7 days ago

    Please can you do Legally Blonde and Coraline? Thank you, love your channel 💜

  • Slasher Knight

    Slasher Knight

     7 days ago

    I love all of the dragon movies

  • Lounge gaming

    Lounge gaming

     7 days ago

    I just got it but right after the dragon book he says nightwing

  • Harlan Hamakawa

    Harlan Hamakawa

     14 days ago

    Win #32 is on the money. I felt that magic in the score too.

  • Odd Eyes94

    Odd Eyes94

     14 days ago

    This series is amazing, and my deceased mother's favorite. Unfortunately, she never got to see the last movie.

  • Jori Shaffer

    Jori Shaffer

     14 days ago

    That dog is so cute

  • Sofia Tam

    Sofia Tam

     14 days ago

    Its night fury not night wing

  • Benjamin Barrick

    Benjamin Barrick

     14 days ago

    John Powell's score is one of my top three favorite things about this film. The scene where Hiccup rides Toothless instincually gives we chills. Every. Freakin'. Time.

  • Blink Army

    Blink Army

     14 days ago

    “Thanks for nothing, you useless reptile”
    Literally me and my best friend all the time.

  • Kitsune


     21 days ago

    Before movies went to shit

  • Mason Williams

    Mason Williams

     21 days ago

    my favourite part

  • Joel Bond

    Joel Bond

     21 days ago

    Fun Fact: Toothless’ hesitation when putting his face into Hiccup’s palm was actually not intentional. It was an animation glitch that they kept in for realism.

  • Sofia Antonelli

    Sofia Antonelli

     21 days ago

    I never noticed Toothless in the Dreamworks thing until now.