Forging A Knife From Allen Wrench

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 5, 2017
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    Forging A Knife From Allen Wrench

    Forging a knife from a wrench is a lot of fun and I really like the Hexagon shaped handle that comes from the allen wrench. This custom wrench knife is hollow ground with a false edge on the back side of the blade. More Information on my website -

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  • Jake's Custom Knives

    Jake's Custom Knives

     a years ago +7

    More Information About This Knife

  • Gail Stone

    Gail Stone

     6 months ago

    New sub 🖒 Right on funky stuff... Looking forward to learning about this channel.
    Thanks!! 😎

  • juke box hero

    juke box hero

     a years ago

    I heard that they are made fro. Tool steel so I suspect they are O-1, A-2, or D-2

  • Prajesh Parmar

    Prajesh Parmar

     a years ago

    Please sir send me tha ane one sword i am request to you

  • Sivagovindan Naveen Kumar

    Sivagovindan Naveen Kumar

     a years ago

    Super work

  • George Cornelious

    George Cornelious

     a years ago

    I want share this video

  • satish modak

    satish modak

     a years ago

    Its steel wrench ?

  • 鄭小龍


     a years ago


  • len sokun

    len sokun

     a years ago


  • Doc Bandman

    Doc Bandman

     a years ago +7

    From the thumbnail I thought the Allen wrench was much smaller ...bamboozled

  • 9 xeem Yan

    9 xeem Yan

     a years ago

    hi, Jake's very good custom knives. i very like you video. what is the black bucket u put the knife?

  • Suhardi Ghazali

    Suhardi Ghazali

     a years ago

    i like your video very much, nice background music too..

  • Eygdghnbb Bffhjhf

    Eygdghnbb Bffhjhf

     a years ago


  • Jaran Naka

    Jaran Naka

     a years ago


  • Dan Given

    Dan Given

     a years ago

    How about making it out of a bunch of paper clips or old coat hangers or something that is no longer useful???

  • Tiago Seiryu Rocha

    Tiago Seiryu Rocha

     a years ago

    Amazing job!

  • Ken Tremendous

    Ken Tremendous

     a years ago

    I always love seein’ the rush flake off

  • J Feldhacker

    J Feldhacker

     a years ago


  • Wood Woman

    Wood Woman

     a years ago

    Love this knife! Thanks!

  • Radik Ari Amboro

    Radik Ari Amboro

     a years ago

    Perfect result!