Thomas Middleditch Let an AI Steal His Face to Make a New Movie | WIRED

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 11, 2018
  • Behind the scenes with the actor Thomas Middleditch who teamed up with an artificial intelligence program called Benjamin to create "Zone Out," an entirely AI-made sci-fi film.

    Watch Zone Out here:

    Watch Sunspring here:

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    Thomas Middleditch Let an AI Steal His Face to Make a New Movie | WIRED
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  • Ínfernal


     10 months ago

    Well, the time requirement is quite limiting for AI power.

  • Bruce Hampton

    Bruce Hampton

     10 months ago

    No no no I don't want to see this idiot anymore on the tube ugh.

  • augustine


     a years ago +1

    had an ad with him in it before this video

  • Auxilium


     a years ago

    Watching this made me feel weird. I mean at the same time it's great, funny and scary.
    Great because what technology can do. Funny because AI isn't really fully AI yet and watching a movie created by a computer is strangely funny.
    Scary of what this technology evolves into when people might be using this technology for bad things, like fabricate false evidence and discredit or humiliate innocent people who haven't done anything wrong.

    I wonder when this technology and A.I. in general matures.... then what we see on television or any other visual media is impossible to verify or can't be taken as "truth" anymore. I mean, far less than today.

    It would mean the end of news programs/channels... just really think about it.

    If any person can be easily replicated or cloned into a video and saying or doing things the "real" person doesn't normally do or say then you could either destroy the "real" person or, if used in a positive way, create a hero like never seen before.
    Either way it may get the real person into trouble, even when used in a positive way.

    When used in a postive way:
    If people have unrealistic or false expectations of a real person which is created by a computer generated fake AI then the "real" person can't live up to the expectations.

    Anyway, just stating the obvious ofcourse. I mean, anyone with a bit of common sense would have thought of what I just wrote here.

  • Sol Harv

    Sol Harv

     a years ago

    So basically a David Lynch film.

  • Frances Synaan

    Frances Synaan

     a years ago +1

    im all for technology making lives easier. but is there really a need to replace screenwriters? like i get replacing dull or dangerous jobs, but now we're replacing creative jobs with machines. Where does it end?

  • In F0RMED

    In F0RMED

     a years ago

    Autoencoders are taking over the world.

  • gutspraygore


     a years ago

    Fascinating. This is almost Forbidden Zone level of filmmaking. Bim Bam Boom!

  • Yappy GM

    Yappy GM

     a years ago

    The Room II: Electric Boogaloo?

  • Oliver Kent

    Oliver Kent

     a years ago +2

    You know what’s scarier than face stealing AIs? Amir’s father’s spindly little legs...

  • Thorium Guy

    Thorium Guy

     a years ago

    Most movie scripts are based on plot/character context so it is not surprising that just text analysis (Benjamin) produces mostly nonsequiturs

  • Brock


     a years ago

    Don Donaldson is an actor now?

  • mattymatt2323


     a years ago

    Reminds me of Kung Pow

  • M


     a years ago +1

    Is it just me or is the whole movie just like a longer episode of “A Bad Lip Reading”? XD

  • ForeverLive


     a years ago

    its not interesting anymore

  • Sombrego


     a years ago +2

    Can't wait to hear about Benjamin at the Oscars.

  • username didn't found

    username didn't found

     a years ago

    this reminds me of bojack horsemen

  • Ohana Films

    Ohana Films

     a years ago +5

    It's cool but why do we need this? Seems like a bad road to go down.

  • E. Keough

    E. Keough

     a years ago

    So this is what happened to Eklow.

  • TheKiwy


     a years ago +1

    Isn't that basically the plot of The Congress by Ari Folman ?