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  • Published on:  Friday, December 8, 2017
  • TOP 10 Most Viewed Auditions EVER on America's Got Talent!
    Most viewed auditions include Grace Vanderwaal, Celine Tam & more! #gottalent #xfactor #idol
  • Source: https://youtu.be/MqxxrmF-rvU


  • Ezekiel Turrecha

    Ezekiel Turrecha

     30 minutes ago

    Last one💞💓💗💕💖❤️❣️💝💘💜💚🧡💛🖤🧡♥️

  • Ezekiel Turrecha

    Ezekiel Turrecha

     an hour ago

    PLAY EVERYTHING IN 0.25 speed

    20:47 the smoke is a distraction of him maybe taking out the invicible chair😂

    23:48 if you play it in 0.25 playback speed, you will see the card come out between his fingers its probably not a real card it cant be like when you squeeze it it forms from being a really small or curled card to recatangle card

    24:04 the ball ib hir left hand disappeared already before it was put inside

    24:55 before this time look at what he did to his other hand he took something out of it and put it on his right hand.. thats where the things come from. (Saw this one on one of the videoss revealing magics its on his thumb)
    24:57 you can literally see him taking it out inside and arrange it to pour something.

  • Strawberry Shorty ఌシ

    Strawberry Shorty ఌシ

     4 hours ago +1

    I never knew Anna Clending was on AGT, and especially I didn’t know she had an anxiety disorder ! I loved her song called anxiety as well... I guess this is how she became a star ⭐️

  • Jayden Beck

    Jayden Beck

     7 hours ago

    If you slow it down to .25 speed near 24:07 you can see he doesn't actually put the ball in his hand and squeezes it so when he picks up the second one it looks normal and places both in mels hand

  • ItzmeEmmy


     9 hours ago

    Did anyone else see the magicians cards in his other hand??? Cause I did 23:26

  • G-o


     12 hours ago

    Wow the girl who lost her hearing is very admirable. Deserves the best.

  • goowik


     14 hours ago +1

    Comparing to Taylor Swifty? Not even the same Genre :/

  • Luca-blog888 Luz

    Luca-blog888 Luz

     15 hours ago

    Jesus the first one my heart I love her so much ❤️

  • Spill The Tea Sis

    Spill The Tea Sis

     17 hours ago +1

    I love how the second girl became a real artist and has songs with 50 million views she’s so strong

  • Yasmin Yasmin

    Yasmin Yasmin

     19 hours ago

    FUCK USA!!!!!!! Hell, evil, money and perversion, everyone will find what is hungry and so will end. Everything is predetermined. But you end up in hell!

  • Finn Johansen

    Finn Johansen

     22 hours ago


  • Lalit Dhimal

    Lalit Dhimal


    2nd girl is so gorgeous 😍😍 like marry me 😂😂

  • alfred gower

    alfred gower

     yesterday +2

    (Which is a sleeping problem. I don't go too sleep all night it's been going on for 5 years)

  • S.P.H.



    Isn't Mandy beautiful, her voice is like honey... Aaaahhhhh!!!!
    I'm in love xxxx

  • Alyson Antunes

    Alyson Antunes


    Menino passou em branco ksksk

  • unicorn mythical

    unicorn mythical

     yesterday +1

    Since I am a Christian and I love God, He is telling me that the guy who meditates and stuff is possibly friends with the devil. There’s just something that God is showing me that that meditation guy is having a relationship with the devil.

  • Valeria Lozano

    Valeria Lozano

     yesterday +1

    The girl with the puppet was better then me in singing and she had her mouth closed😭😔

  • maribella ortiz

    maribella ortiz


    a teacher at an art camp I went to told me that the kids who did that metal act are her niece and nephew 😭😭

  • Daniel Villaveces

    Daniel Villaveces


    That second girl I’m sry but bruh we don’t need to know that just sing u don’t need to waste our time with a sob story

  • 5K Subscribers Without A Video Challenge!

    5K Subscribers Without A Video Challenge!


    I love Amanda Harvey :) We all gotta work together to make her more popular.