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  • Published on:  Friday, December 8, 2017
  • TOP 10 Most Viewed Auditions EVER on America's Got Talent!
    Most viewed auditions include Grace Vanderwaal, Celine Tam & more! #gottalent #xfactor #idol
  • Source: https://youtu.be/MqxxrmF-rvU


  • Sarah Palmer

    Sarah Palmer

     5 minutes ago

    I have the same glasses as the first girl

  • Leckteck


     3 hours ago

    the second one still get a like she's so pretty and her story is so sad OMG ;)

  • GG Bois

    GG Bois

     4 hours ago

    26:46 alright bro ready

    EvErYonE lisTeN tO MEe

    Me: nah bro I’m good

  • Trudy-Ann Barracks

    Trudy-Ann Barracks

     6 hours ago

    Try.🙌👏. Speaks to me

  • simply. share

    simply. share

     7 hours ago

    She deserves that buzzer.!😢

  • Eileen Zietz

    Eileen Zietz

     12 hours ago

    Jokes on you Celine Dion (who originaly sang the song) is my cousin.

  • Maggie Kuhn

    Maggie Kuhn

     13 hours ago

    I love that song.. "Try" Amazing

  • Yin Eh

    Yin Eh

     14 hours ago

    If she has anxiety disorder how come she performed literally in front of thousands of people 🤔

  • RedEx


     15 hours ago

    She wear a dress ffs

  • Angela Magic Salveson

    Angela Magic Salveson


    The guy with the came stick thingy, I think we all know how that works by now lol. A pole thru the stick down his sleeve to a brace on his body.

  • Sharmina Rahman

    Sharmina Rahman


    I was dying when the drummer and singer came on

  • Hedonist



    why always 80% of talents are singers?

  • Yellow Sunflower

    Yellow Sunflower


    okay not to be rude but the second one at first I thought that her mom was a man

  • Beth Lou

    Beth Lou


    Anna clendenning is one of the people I look up to because I have anxiety and depression 2 and it hits me really badly but I am so happy for her she's so successful today and has some amazing songs that I can relate to ❤❤

  • Mary Eisel

    Mary Eisel

     yesterday +1

    What was the song called in 33:46? Thank you!

  • MC Love

    MC Love


    angelica hale is the most viewed

  • mystic dust

    mystic dust


    Howie: My vote is YES-ISH 😂😂

  • Ra’Khodek



    America’s Got A Sad Backstory

  • Monika Bhatt

    Monika Bhatt


    I get bitchy vibes from mel😭

  • rebekah brand

    rebekah brand


    Audience booooos before knowing what happened
    2 seconds later
    Guy does trick
    Audiences cheers
    Jeez audience made up your mind
    Audiences can be so mean and annoying