Game Theory: The Hidden HORRORS Behind Petscop

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 10, 2018
  • How DEADLY Is Super Mario's Bob-Omb? ►
    Petscop- The Scariest Game You'll NEVER Play! ►►
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    Last on Petscop, we told you about the real life death that influenced the game. Now we have another plot to unfold - a murder that built the ENTIRE GAME. Today Theorists, we go theory first into the family at the center of Petscop - the best game you'll never play.

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  • The Game Theorists

    The Game Theorists

     a years ago +15935

    And just like that...Petscop 13 is out, putting it at the one year anniversary of the series.

    Time to rewrite part 2.

  • Nathan Gehman

    Nathan Gehman

     2 hours ago

    Ah yes, I remember when I had hope for the next Doki Doki...

    My money is still waiting Dan.

    Please produce.

  • Mike Pro

    Mike Pro

     18 hours ago

    this video so scary that im getting jumpscare feels

  • Creepy Crawler

    Creepy Crawler

     2 days ago

    You know, most of the time when there are disclaimers for videos I'm not scared at all but in part 1 when MatPat explained the story of that little girl I actually felt uncomfortable. It wasn't the content of her story but the fact that it actually happened to her

  • Cruz Diamond

    Cruz Diamond

     3 days ago

    This is so sad. I love your channel. I hope you do more true horror games or games that's tragic

  • Cruz Diamond

    Cruz Diamond

     3 days ago

    This is an awesome yet gruesome theory.

  • yaboi wasmachine

    yaboi wasmachine

     5 days ago

    Im from the hood and THIS can even scare a brother like me

  • Cod king8789 ps4

    Cod king8789 ps4

     5 days ago

    This is super scary

  • Malakite 1708

    Malakite 1708

     6 days ago

    Matpat, why you gotta put in the jump scares, why?

  • Buibuiopolis Mayor

    Buibuiopolis Mayor

     6 days ago

    I don’t like adding jump scares in these type of explanation videos. I’m too scared to play, that’s why I prefer to watch others play/analyze. Wish he had the safe no jump version and one that has for those that enjoy it.

  • Sketch_trap __

    Sketch_trap __

     6 days ago

    Why are there random jummpscared I just want to Watch a theory 😱

  • Sketch_trap __

    Sketch_trap __

     6 days ago

    There’s more episodes

  • Pineapple Princess

    Pineapple Princess

     7 days ago

    Micheal died at seven years old because of SUICIDE?

  • Content Gaming

    Content Gaming

     7 days ago

    Just Monkia

  • Cordelia Maynard

    Cordelia Maynard

     7 days ago

    Me: * Sees Monika * I thought this was about Petscop!



     7 days ago +1

    Marvin vs rainer
    Eren vs reiner....

  • Potato Playz124

    Potato Playz124

     7 days ago

    Excuse me what the feck

  • Nate River

    Nate River

     7 days ago

    Does someone know what music is played at 10:06

  • You can know play as Luigi

    You can know play as Luigi

     7 days ago

    This guy made a theory about the bee movie

  • GREEKLOVER123456 Productions

    GREEKLOVER123456 Productions

     7 days ago

    Me at opening; God Dammit, it’s Monica.