People Who Died Recreating These Movie Scenes

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 1, 2019
  • We all cheer great films, imagining ourselves as the protagonists. Unfortunately, there are instances where people took that silver screen inspiration too literally, suffering the worst possible outcome in real life.

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    Back To The Future | 0:13
    Jackass: The Movie | 1:10
    2 Fast 2 Furious | 2:12
    Into The Wild | 3:30
    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 | 4:48
    Blue Crush | 5:44
    Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl | 7:02
    Man on Fire | 8:00
    The Program | 8:59
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  • Reality Check

    Reality Check

     13 hours ago

    Back in the 50s a bunch of kids died jumping off roofs and stuff emulating the superman tv show.

  • nobody




  • FireGamerGirl


     2 days ago

    Me:*Sees into the wild*
    Warrior cats fandom:GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David Somers

    David Somers

     2 days ago

    So what you're saying is, the original infamous cut of "The Program" is probably worth some money now?

  • Matt Frazier

    Matt Frazier

     2 days ago +1

    This is more like natural selection at work than movies being to blame.

    Most kids are not this stupid.



     2 days ago

    Parents are always looking for a scapegoat for their rotten genetic combination. Movies, video games, Marilyn Manson, D & D. It’s just bad DNA mixed with bad parenting.

  • z k

    z k

     2 days ago

    good. glad theyre dead. natural selection works.

  • Doug H. in VA

    Doug H. in VA

     3 days ago

    Notice to fools : MOVIES are fantasies and special effects are by pros. STOP being a dumbass trying to show off.

  • Trill Al

    Trill Al

     3 days ago

    How can people think doing any of this shit is ok? Lol THESE ARE MOVIES not real life 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Xavier Tansley

    Xavier Tansley

     3 days ago

    Kinda pisses me off when movies get in trouble for something they never even caused. The dickheads that died due to copying the stunts, that's there own fault

  • RussellRoesner


     4 days ago

    How many commercials can you squeeze into a 10 minute video? 3 commercial breaks? I really dislike the greed of this channel.

  • Evan Branford

    Evan Branford

     5 days ago

    Perhaps only one of these have actually anything to do with the movies. You may as well blame Disney’s Cars for Miami street-racing.

  • Davey Hando

    Davey Hando

     6 days ago

    Emile hirsch midget queer

  • benno291980


     7 days ago +4

    Didn't think it possible kids could be dumber than they were in the 1980s. I was so wrong, the disconnect with reality is palpable with the current generation

  • Craven Morehead

    Craven Morehead

     7 days ago

    Probably all children of Democrats.

  • Joseph Gadow

    Joseph Gadow

     7 days ago

    How phukin stupid iz deez people nowadays? Then again they're stupid enough to text while driving so what's that tell you about today's idiots?

  • Matthew Wynne

    Matthew Wynne

     7 days ago

    Only one cited death from a Fast/Furious movie? That franchise is responsible for THOUSANDS of crashes. Drive like Vin Diesel and end up like Paul Walker.

  • MaTilda D'Hum xoxo

    MaTilda D'Hum xoxo

     7 days ago

    After watching part of this video I don't think that these people risked their lives because of movies. People who risk their lives wouldn't need inspiration from movie actors...they just want to do crazy shit.

  • derek carmack

    derek carmack

     7 days ago

    Anyone know the name and artist of the background song?

  • VuDuVampirNinjaWitch


     7 days ago

    So movies inspire kids to go out and do stupid things and get killed but there's no way that video game violence is having an impact on our youth and their total disregard for human life?