TESLA vs HACKER DRONE BATTLE (Hidden Secret Tunnel Car Chase)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 4, 2018
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    After Vy Qwaint and Chad Wild Clay FOUND HACKER SECRET EXPLORING CLASSROOM! (Trapped in Creepy Abandoned Room) iPhone Confiscated, they escaped through a hidden secret passageway tunnel that led to an abandoned alley backyard like ghost adventures in real life. It was scary because the YouTube Hacker is spying on us with a GIANT drone with a camera. It chased them around the town and they found their stolen Tesla! Vy used her spy gadgets to break into the car in the FOUND MY STOLEN TESLA & BREAKING IN (Mystery Hacker Drone) video. They drove down an abandoned town where hidden abandoned safes are usually found. Chad didn't have any ninja gadgets but did have a Nerf and tried to break the drone. Chad eventually did an awesome ninja kick trick shot to make the drone fall to the ground. They reviewed the caught on camera videos on the laptop they unboxed in the frunk of the Tesla Model X. It was like the time they found a $10000 ebay mystery box in there. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos in 2018!

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  • Chad Wild Clay

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    Happy Saturday Ninjas! Let me know what you saw in the drone footage! Keep an eye out for Vy's video tomorrow! #KickBump👣

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    It is PZ Headquarters

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    its the hackers headquaers

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    😃😃😃 go chad and vy 😁😁😁 😀😀😀!

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    Pz9 [melvin] music video

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    PZ headquaters

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