BALDI Kong vs Mario part 2

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 22, 2018
  • when baldi takes donkeykong place then what happen .!

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    Characters and Music by Nintendo/themushroomkingdom

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  • 謝宇軒


     14 days ago

    Come here and get a prize,a kick in your face!

  • Kirby of the Star

    Kirby of the Star

     10 months ago

    Baldi is not even giving Mario a prize.

  • Alex Ortega Ruiz

    Alex Ortega Ruiz

     11 months ago

    Imagino la

  • Karl Cartwright

    Karl Cartwright

     11 months ago


  • DAVIFE fernandes

    DAVIFE fernandes

     a years ago


  • 37 73

    37 73

     a years ago

    This is dumb

  • DeadGuests


     a years ago

    Looks like it’s sweepin time sweep sweep sweep

  • pl42200


     a years ago +3

    That's Sad That Mario Didn't Save Peach Because After He Got Three Question Answer Right and Them Baldi Doesn't Let Mario Have Peach! And Now Baldi Kick The Mario out! Like "I Can't Believe It! You're Incredible! Come Here And Get Your Prize... A Kick In The Face Or No Peach For You!" and...

  • айдер бейтуллаев

    айдер бейтуллаев

     a years ago +1


  • айдер бейтуллаев

    айдер бейтуллаев

     a years ago


  • айдер бейтуллаев

    айдер бейтуллаев

     a years ago +1


  • StickmanDavid


     a years ago

    It would be cool that Baldi thrown barrels with the look of a case

  • The EXTER

    The EXTER

     a years ago

    Please don't make more videos thanks

  • Yousef Khalil

    Yousef Khalil

     a years ago

    hey baldi only attacks you when u do something wrong

  • Ranch The Hacker

    Ranch The Hacker

     a years ago

    You stole!

  • damn son

    damn son

     a years ago

    Illumination I2 HA3C9!

  • Ana Lomeli

    Ana Lomeli

     a years ago +2

    Come here and get your prize a kick in the face 😂2:01

  • Noob Boy

    Noob Boy

     a years ago

    It looks like playtime kicked Mario in the face so why would Mario play with her

    Oh she makes him...

    Well whatever

  • Noob Boy

    Noob Boy

     a years ago

    Just throw GOTTA SWEEP!

  • mehdi Abeliouny

    mehdi Abeliouny

     a years ago

    Nice animation!