Minecraft DECODED! How Many Diamonds Exist? | The SCIENCE... of Minecraft

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 26, 2018
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    Minecraft's world is GIGANTIC! There are endless option to create your own, personalized world. But how many options are there? Today, Austin is going to answer that question...with DIAMONDS!!!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/LzCOq2WFsSk


  • Clement Teh

    Clement Teh

     4 hours ago

    10:48 I went crazy at this point

  • Bane BlackGuard

    Bane BlackGuard

     9 hours ago

    2^64 doesn't equal 16 trillion. it's roughly 18 quintillion. (18,446,744,073,709,551,616)
    ... and you're playing Minecraft wrong... 8P

  • lolipopgore pineapple

    lolipopgore pineapple

     11 hours ago

    Mumbo jumbo you are afk

  • chaoskid 2002

    chaoskid 2002

     12 hours ago

    Oooh the MATH

  • Suicidal Penguin

    Suicidal Penguin

     2 days ago

    Quick! someone buy him farming simulator!

  • xXPrinceXx PVP

    xXPrinceXx PVP

     2 days ago

    Lmao I do PVP so I just do a lot of murder player vs player is fun and the only Part of mc I like now

  • Pinga Penty

    Pinga Penty

     2 days ago

    Austin not only broke Matpat's MarioPlex. MinecraftPlex is larger than GoogolPlex. Nice job.

  • Sauce


     3 days ago

    I was out of breath just from listening to this

  • Joseph Crow

    Joseph Crow

     3 days ago

    Why are you waisting your talents on youtube!?!

  • TechTalks


     4 days ago

    Ive Watched it at 1.5 Speed. I need a Therapie

  • Magic Hands man

    Magic Hands man

     4 days ago

    Give this man a Benadryl

  • Haizzy


     5 days ago


  • Creepy Pasta

    Creepy Pasta

     6 days ago

    I meant Friday almost Saturday

  • Creepy Pasta

    Creepy Pasta

     6 days ago

    For me it’s Saturday now don’t start history class on YouTube

  • Ahmed Nwaf

    Ahmed Nwaf

     7 days ago


  • ugh im trash

    ugh im trash

     8 days ago

    What about fortune 1000 enchantments found through commands

  • ugh im trash

    ugh im trash

     8 days ago

    But creepers just want hugs

  • Ezkilayou


     8 days ago

    It’s 3 Marioplex

  • G Dawg

    G Dawg

     9 days ago

    I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s thought this, but how many diamonds could you have if you mined ALL of the ore that’s possible with a fortune 3 pick axe?

  • HooverHarvest


     10 days ago

    Your averages are wrong 0+40/2 wouldn’t account for all setting to would be 0+1+2+3...+40/41