Vitaly Speaks on Fighting Bradley Martyn, Logan Paul and more!

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 18, 2019
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    The infamous Vitaly stopped by the No Jumper Podcast to touch on everything: Vitaly Uncensored, taking testosterone for 3 years, Logan Paul vs KSI fight, Bradley Martyn, Dan Bilzerian, Youtube, Facebook and so much more!



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  • No Jumper

    No Jumper

     21 days ago +1021

    0:06 - Vitaly acting strange at the Logan Paul vs KSI fight, and his plans for being there
    1:38 - Vitaly's plan to streak the boxing match if Logan Paul won
    2:27 - Vitaly explaining the Bradley Martyn situation
    3:32 - Going to Thailand with Dan Bilzerian
    4:50 - Girls who hang out with Dan Bilzerian just wanting the Instagram Tag
    5:11 - Vitaly on not paying any of the girls on Vitaly Uncensored
    5:46 - Youtubes new guidelines
    6:46 - Hitting 10 Million Subs on youtube
    7:51 - Is it necessary to use pay sites and start charging for content to be successful on youtube
    8:46 - Ad Break
    10:04 - Vitaly on youtube holding him back and sitting on years of unreleased videos
    11:45 - Why didn't Vitaly get into making Pornography
    12:14 - Taking steroids and Cialis
    13:40 - Taking HGH for one year and taking testosterone for 3 years straight
    14:15 - Vitaly on still feeling fat
    14:39 - Vitaly signing up for a body building competition
    15:22 - Starting to work out at 16
    16:24 - Vitaly on wanting to fight Bradley Martyn in a boxing match
    17:32 - Waking up at 4am everyday
    19:00 - What is Vitaly's relationship with food
    21:10 - Fighting Bradley Martyn
    22:20 - Vitaly on not ever getting back into porn
    22:38 - Vitaly on thinking of trying penis injections
    23:30 - Taking Cialis as a pre workout
    24:18 - What is Vitalys focus at this point in his life
    25:03 - Vitaly on not wanting a daughter
    26:10 - Vitaly's thoughts on possibly becoming a family Youtuber
    27:13 - Vitaly on killing it on facebook
    30:25 - Is the era of people making edgy content and building an audience on youtube dead?
    32:18 - Youtube won't give Vitaly his 10M Subscriber plaque
    36:10 - Instagram taking away "like" views
    38:38 - Vitaly partnering up with Mr Skin
    42:13 - Vitaly switching his websites monthly fee from 4.99$ a month to 14.99$
    43:10 - Vitaly camgirls section of his website
    44:31 - Is there anyone on youtube that Vitaly is exited about
    45:50 - Doing crazy things for the love of it and the high he gets off it
    47:08 - Vitaly on loving white claws
    48:58 - The owner of DAZN coming to Vitaly and telling him to "get the fuck out"
    50:54 - Vitaly wanting to play Jason Statham a game of rock paper scissors for a part in a movie or 10k cash

  • Cameron Armstrong

    Cameron Armstrong

     3 hours ago

    This shit is freaking sad.

  • jjeremywoodw



    Fighting Bradley Martyn? Got punked the fuck out by Bradley Martyn! Lol. Full force? Lol. You'd still be laying there. His big titted girlfriend was at Bradley's house that night... tongue punching Doms fart box. Cause and effect. That's just bro science!

  • Andrew Hercules

    Andrew Hercules


    Bradley will destroy that bozo haha

  • RBF must stop!

    RBF must stop!

     2 days ago


  • Joel Prive

    Joel Prive

     3 days ago +1

    Imagine his daughter in 20 years watching this video

  • eric maurer

    eric maurer

     3 days ago

    He basically admitted taking Cialis and still can’t get an erection. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Buzzard061


     3 days ago

    Nah Fuck off

  • Night Owl

    Night Owl

     3 days ago

    This dude honestly is a nobody. They all are including Logan. Idiots with zero talent that somehow have millions of followers. Fucking YouTube stars thinking they’re fighters now.

  • Father & Son Truckin’

    Father & Son Truckin’

     3 days ago

    Vitaly looks fucken 40

  • Colin Leppert

    Colin Leppert

     4 days ago

    Why does he look like a 45 year old

  • Sebastian Nunez

    Sebastian Nunez

     4 days ago

    Fkn moron

  • Jess Anne

    Jess Anne

     4 days ago

    Dont wry I seen your video with my fav. The hacker guy lol.

  • oscar ubaldo

    oscar ubaldo

     4 days ago

    Adam is 37 and he looks younger than vitaly lmao

  • Anand Prakash

    Anand Prakash

     4 days ago

    You cant expect bradley to not have a turn when you do him like that infront of everyone. Besides, it really ddnt look like it was a joke. Vitaly get your shit together man. You look sick

  • manuel matias

    manuel matias

     4 days ago

    Please not another garbage ass you tuber boxing match.

  • dave roberts

    dave roberts

     4 days ago

    Bradley would fucked you up

  • Dennis Watki

    Dennis Watki

     5 days ago

    No drugs 🤣😅 just steds

  • Kevin Halton

    Kevin Halton

     5 days ago

    Bitches are moochers they want the free clout alcohol and weed and whatever else goes on in that house.

  • Nick spagnolo

    Nick spagnolo

     5 days ago +6

    When he gets off steroids he’s going to go crazy and probably kill himself. Get yourself together vitaly it’s not going to last forever.