10 Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test - part 15

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 17, 2017
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/LTsSGSi9mqo


  • Dave


     a years ago +1839

    I just watched a man get overly excited and astonished over a popcorn popper. This man is the happiness that this world is missing.

  • Kilarth MAC

    Kilarth MAC

     a years ago +615

    I love how he interacts with all his pets lol, he really loves them a lot

  • Rickydabozz 101

    Rickydabozz 101

     a years ago +708

    Hugo goes to popcorn
    *taras N O H U G O I T S B A D F O R Y O U D O N T E A T I T

  • Paradox


     11 months ago +1298

    I like how he talks to his dogs because he considers them family.

  • Cole Ekis

    Cole Ekis

     10 months ago +238

    I like when Gama tried to grab the knife

  • S2


     a years ago +936

    ** knife chops his thumb off
    "Wow this knife works really good, one and half thumbs up, really good"

  • Da_PandaGirl '

    Da_PandaGirl '

     10 months ago +241

    Oh ur gonna help me?
    *parrot goes to other hand
    I thought ur gonna help me?

  • TheOneWhoLovesYoutube


     a years ago +46

    I feel asleep while watching this and woke up to him yelling at Hugo for trying to eat the popcorn....

  • GatchaBoy


     10 months ago +174

    your bird can eat potatos

  • Jolene Gov

    Jolene Gov

     a years ago +557

    I didn't expect the red cheese grater to work so well.

  • Leo Tamcsu

    Leo Tamcsu

     a years ago +367

    The only one who hasn’t changed through fame

  • Fernando Gonzalez-Toruño

    Fernando Gonzalez-Toruño

     9 months ago +106

    The lid on the popcorn machine is to melt butter

  • RatTaxi


     a years ago +495

    Beautiful pets and keep up the great reviews

  • MARKS Plays

    MARKS Plays

     a years ago +335

    Who came here for the popcorn machine?

  • Oblivious_ProXYT


     6 months ago +33

    ThiS iS mY CaN ThatTs YuOr CAn

  • Ben Underwood

    Ben Underwood

     a years ago +86

    He’s got a massive house and a bunch of pets 💵

  • Tommie YT

    Tommie YT

     10 months ago +70

    Put the bird in every video

  • RedstoneGuy929 Gaming

    RedstoneGuy929 Gaming

     9 months ago +45

    Great Cheese
    Greater Cheese
    Greatest cheese
    Grated cheese

  • Louis Sanchez

    Louis Sanchez

     11 months ago +14

    Beautiful :D
    (Throws box on floor)

  • Brianna Alexander

    Brianna Alexander

     a years ago +492

    Seeing how excited he got over popping popcorn, was the purest thing ever. 10/10