The Harshest Burns from the Roast of Justin Bieber

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 25, 2019
  • Relive all the shocking and brutal jokes from the roast of Justin Bieber, as Roastmaster General Jeff Ross says, the “King Joffrey of pop.”

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  • Comedy Central

    Comedy Central

     4 months ago +3011

    The Roast of Alec Baldwin premieres September 15 on Comedy Central. See who will be roasting Alec here:

  • Ryan Swanson

    Ryan Swanson

     4 hours ago

    1:27 "he goes up on his wife" - Natasha Leggero
    That was pretty funny to me, she usually isn't my cup of tea but during roasts the actual comedians must write their own jokes unlike the celebs benefiting from material written by a no name clever person.

  • unknown


     4 hours ago

    filled seats paid people to laugh . awesome..

  • Mannat


     4 hours ago

    Man everyone's such a good sport here, including the audience and the fans. When roast happened in India people watching it went nuts for no fucking reason , like filing fir's and shit. It was like so discussed and you understand this is a country where we have much more severe issues to talk on and much more real evil to go against but na we will put our butts when people are roasting each, okay with it.

  • Bryan Castillo

    Bryan Castillo

     8 hours ago

    "The Only Person To Inhale More Smoke Than Snoop, Is Pete Davidsons Dad At The Twin Towers In 911" - Jeff Ross

  • Ahmed Bilal

    Ahmed Bilal

     10 hours ago

    Shakeel is an arabic name for handsome ??? WHAT THE ? nop it'd JAMEEL NOT SHAKEEL.

  • I noscoped JFK

    I noscoped JFK

     12 hours ago

    I actually don't hate justin Bieber that much anymore after watching this LMAOKK

  • Faith The Unknown Being

    Faith The Unknown Being

     12 hours ago

    Martha Stewart was so hilarious In this

  • Conheated Juego

    Conheated Juego

     14 hours ago

    That man has suffered enough 😂😂😂😂

  • A Shwin

    A Shwin

     15 hours ago

    Ludacris was the only one who didn’t look like he enjoyed it

  • Jeff Smith

    Jeff Smith

     15 hours ago

    I'm not sure these were burns on Bieber. It was more like a documentary.

  • Angel Hill

    Angel Hill

     16 hours ago

    Everyone's laugh is forced lol

  • botNoCa17


     21 hours ago

    Bieber looks like a knock off version of Dylan Sprouse.

  • Frances2012


     21 hours ago

    Shaquille is the Arabic word for handsome and O‘Neil is the Irish word for just kidding 🤣🤣🤣

    So simple yet so f#%ing funny!

  • Blast Thunder

    Blast Thunder

     22 hours ago

    Natasha leggero isn’t like the other female comedians. She’s funny and hot.

  • Burrito1boss


     yesterday +1

    How's calling shacks nob Big a roast

  • Flyy



    The lakers lineup joke didn’t age well

  • Bald Bitch

    Bald Bitch


    Snoop just high ash lmao

  • Brandon Ndifor

    Brandon Ndifor


    Rip Kobe. That's all 😞😞😞

  • Christian Kane Fans Christian Kane

    Christian Kane Fans Christian Kane


    8:14 10:15 😂😂😂