MLB: Temper Flares

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 25, 2015
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  • JTB Jake

    JTB Jake

     2 months ago

    Who is that at 4:52

  • Mobile evolution

    Mobile evolution

     5 months ago

    Who argues with the umpire when they strike out swinging

  • David Cortorreal

    David Cortorreal

     7 months ago

    this is the effect of steroids

  • Alan Cassett

    Alan Cassett

     8 months ago

    upton sucks- little bitch lazy too

  • BlueBotMemes


     11 months ago +1


  • Brady Hankins

    Brady Hankins

     a years ago

    What with pine tars?

  • David Tosh

    David Tosh

     a years ago +1

    Baseball is worse than hockey for teammate fight. Baseball is not a timed game, so no penalty box. Never have a teammate fight in hockey, during the game.

  • Little Li

    Little Li

     a years ago

    You kiss your mom with that mouth?

  • Vlog Bros.

    Vlog Bros.

     a years ago


  • Red Card

    Red Card

     a years ago

    I bet Ortiz received a hefty bill from the Orioles for damages to that phone

  • TheEnixSquared


     a years ago

    Baseball is far and away the most frustrating sport, I can totally get why these guys lose their shit lol, I lose my shit watching it

  • bladerunner8832


     a years ago

    We should be listening to these guys rather than the commentators

  • Vinnie Provolone

    Vinnie Provolone

     a years ago

    Pavano pissed because he actually had to pitch that night.

  • Street Spitzley

    Street Spitzley

     a years ago +1

    2:20, and 2:26, looks like a Kansas City Royal doesn’t wanna be interviewed

  • xygomorphic44


     a years ago

    First one... what did he expect the reaction would be? Sits on his ass in the outfield and lets what should have been a double turn into a easy triple. The guy was almost halfway between second and third by the time he threw the ball and beat it by a mile. If you pull a terrible defensive play like that with the bases loaded then all it takes is one bad throw or catch for an inside the park home grand slam.

  • Street Spitzley

    Street Spitzley

     a years ago +1

    4:51 someone doesn’t wanna be interviewed I guess. He did say “turn those goddamn Motherfucking cameras off or I’ll break every god damn one of them.”

  • Miguel Gordillo

    Miguel Gordillo

     a years ago

    lol all because of baseball. stupid fucking game isn't even recognized as a sport by the olympics. best rages by highly paid cunts.

  • Raul DeLuna

    Raul DeLuna

     a years ago

    3:47 this is why I hate the cubs

  • Jonas Ostrau

    Jonas Ostrau

     a years ago +1

    Love the swears, really brings it out in this.

  • Jakob M

    Jakob M

     a years ago +2

    4:00 landed the Gatorade gallon LOL 😂